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The family area is small, and the wall type wardrobe is a good choice. It is neat and beautiful to make full use of the space. What Xiaobian wants to popularize today is all the contents of the wall type wardrobe. Put it away

the family area is small, and the wall type wardrobe is a good choice. It's neat and beautiful to make full use of the space. What Xiaobian wants to popularize today is all the contents of the wall type wardrobe. Put it away! What is a wall closet

the wall type wardrobe is also called the overall wardrobe. Compared with the traditional wardrobe, the wall type wardrobe has a higher utilization rate of space. It is integrated with the whole wall, more harmonious and beautiful, and does not appear abrupt. Moreover, it is customized according to the actual situation of the room, which can better meet the personal needs of users. Therefore, it has become the most popular wardrobe in recent years

advantages of wall type wardrobe

1. In traditional home decoration, the wardrobe is mainly made and purchased by carpentry on site. Although woodworking can be customized, the quality is not controlled, and the specialization is insufficient, and the quality of the purchased finished products is stable, which still cannot match the space perfectly. The wall type wardrobe well absorbs the advantages of both. It can not only match different size changes, but also choose different styles of wardrobe according to your preferences. The installation is simple and fast, eliminating the time-consuming, labor-intensive and troublesome manual production. It is very suitable for the busy young people. 2. The wall type wardrobe can be designed according to its own needs, and the top space can also be designed to put quilts or other household articles that are not commonly used. The choice of the color tone of the wardrobe door can be combined with the whole bedroom, which can also save space, and make use of some unused space, which can be said to kill more with one stone. 3. The wall type wardrobe is so popular at present. In addition to its practical and reasonable use of space, it also has good economic advantages. The cost of the wall type wardrobe is calculated according to the material area of the cabinet. Different internal configuration prices are also different. The calculation price is the total area multiplied by the price per square meter of the plate. Compared with traditional wardrobe, it saves a lot of costs

seven steps to create a wall mounted wardrobe. First, whether the accessories of the wardrobe are complete and whether convenient and comfortable supporting functions can be provided. At present, some wardrobe manufacturers have successively launched practical and beautiful accessories, such as push-pull mirrors, lattice shelves, pants shelves, fashion drawers, pull baskets, l shelves, TV racks, CD racks, etc., and actively advocated “ People oriented ” The concept of high-quality life

second, whether the cabinet is professional and whether the design is scientific and fashionable. At present, the design of fashionable wardrobe is very scientific and reasonable, which is often in accordance with “ Break up the whole into parts ” According to the principle of, develop several different sub cabinets, which can be freely matched and combined when customized; Moreover, drawers and movable laminates can also be increased or decreased freely, and the height can be adjusted at will. They publicize their own style and show their unique personality, which is deeply loved by the DIY family. In addition, it also depends on whether the height of the cabinet can reach the ceiling and make full use of the space. Third, whether the wheels are smooth, pressure resistant, wear-resistant, safe and reliable. The pulley of the brand wardrobe is generally made of carbon glass fiber (international new high-tech material), with balls inside and non drying lubricating ester, so it can be easily pushed and pulled, smooth and flexible, and has large bearing weight, pressure resistance, wear resistance and no deformation. Household sliding doors are generally required to be pushed and pulled more than 60000 times. In addition, good pulleys are often designed with two anti jump devices to ensure reliable and safe sliding of the cabinet door. Pulley guide rail is the core technical part of sliding door, which must be carefully selected. Fourth, whether the design and color of cabinet door and frame are consistent and unified. The frame and door panel of the brand wardrobe door are from the same manufacturer, and the color and texture can be completely consistent, and the matching is unified. And the miscellaneous wardrobe is often patchwork, can only find the plates and frames with similar designs and colors, and cannot be completely consistent. Fifth, whether the thickness of the cabinet door panel is thick and whether the height is sufficient. It is better to choose 10mm or 12mm thick board for sliding door, which is solid, stable and durable; Slightly worse ones will choose 8mm thick ones, which are relatively thin and frivolous; Even worse, 6mm thick plates are used, which are easy to deform, and the stability is often difficult to meet the normal requirements. The height of the door panel determines whether it can be decorated to the ceiling. Most European and American fashion wardrobes advocate the effect of integration of decoration, requiring a single plate height of more than 2.8 meters, as high as the ceiling. Sixth, whether to choose green environmental protection materials. At present, artificial boards (fiberboard, particleboard, plywood) used for furniture, because adhesives with formaldehyde are used in the production process of boards, it is inevitable that formaldehyde is contained in finished furniture. According to international regulations, e1≤ 1.5mg/L,E2≤ 5.0mg/L。 Therefore, when ordering wardrobes, you must make sure whether the manufacturer's products are environmentally friendly. It is recommended that you have the best choice of well-known brand products. Seventh, whether the varieties and materials of cabinet doors are rich and diverse. Different consumption concepts correspond to different color hobbies; Different colors create different decoration styles. At present, the materials that can be used to make sliding doors on the market mainly include wood, glass, mirrors and other special materials. Individual manufacturers also launched “ One board, two colors ” New board, similar to fashionable mobile phone “ Color covers can be changed at will ” Functions. After using it for a year and a half, you can also switch to another design and use it, and you can enjoy it without extra money “ Redecorate ” The joy of living a new feeling

three key points of creating wall type wardrobe

1. Wall type wardrobe should match the overall home style. When customizing the wall type wardrobe, first of all, you should understand the detailed size of the bedroom and the concave convex size of the place with beams and columns. It is best to ask the designer of the wardrobe manufacturer to visit and check the ruler. Generally, the manufacturer will provide free ruler service. 2. Secondly, it should match with the color and style of the bedroom. 3. The last point is environmental protection. After all, the wall closet is installed in our bedroom. Getting along day and night has a great impact on our health. Separated from other lines, such as mountains, some unscrupulous businessmen take advantage of the consumption habits of consumers who like to find cheap products, copy some products with very poor quality, or use some very non environmentally friendly plates, which cannot guarantee the quality and environmental protection of products. If the lines look particularly perfect, many of them are wood grain paper, or there is a strong pungent smell when opening the cabinet door, which makes people cry. 100% of them are high formaldehyde content. Don't buy such products even if they are cheap

how to maintain the wall type wardrobe? 1. Always keep the cabinet door clean, and there should be no sundries and dust in the track. When cleaning, use a semi wet cloth to wipe the cabinet body and cabinet door, and do not use corrosive detergent. The dust on the track can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or a small brush, and the metal parts such as the cabinet frame and pull rod can be wiped with a dry cloth. 2. Heavy objects and sharp tools should be prevented from hitting the track and scratching the cabinet and door panel. The edge sealing of the cabinet should not touch water and other liquid solvents to prevent the edge sealing from falling off. 3. Let it breathe more, or use dehumidifiers regularly to avoid moisture and bacteria on the cabinet and clothes. Use less aromatics containing chemical ingredients to remove the smell from the wardrobe, because they are likely to cause damage to the clothing materials. 4. Wooden wardrobes can be wiped with a clean cloth at ordinary times. If there is dirt, you can use soapy water or neutral detergent as appropriate and wipe with a wet cloth. 5. It is normal for the light rail door pulley to make a sound after a long time of use. In order to ensure that the pulley is smooth and silent for a long time, please add some lubricating oil along the upper and lower pulleys regularly every 2-3 months. 6. When the air in the room or the weather is too wet, please regularly open the doors and windows for ventilation and place small bags of dry lime or other desiccants in the corner of the wardrobe to prevent the cabinet and door panel from mildew and deformation. 7. Do not place the wardrobe in the place directly exposed to the sun, so as to avoid the wood deformation or embrittlement under the light. 8. When shopping, choosing furniture with high tightness of drawers and cabinets is the best strategy to reduce dust





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