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How to get rid of mediocrity and monotony in a home? The background wall always has the function of a paintbrush. The novel and creative background wall design integrates the art of diatom mud into life, making the home tasteful and beautiful


"one part saves a face"

in home decoration,

diatom mud can save the appearance of the home

how to get rid of mediocrity and monotony in a home,

the background wall always plays the role of a paintbrush

novel and creative background wall design,

integrates the art of diatom mud into life,

makes the home tasteful and beautiful

TV background wall

brings elegant and artistic grass green diatom mud

free swimming lines

makes the Chinese style relaxed and pleasant

the texture of the rising sun implies bright and beautiful.I hope the warm rising sun texture is as good as the East China Sea, Kind and warm

sofa background wall

novel and creative use of Fuyu texture in the neighbor's home

this is not only not empty, but also bright and atmospheric ~

sofa background wall

Leung lung diatom mud Buddha print texture

or simple, or classical,

elegant tone, The light and simple outline of the sofa background wall

a bunch of flowers decorate the room with ancient poetry

the bedroom background wall

monochrome diatom mud elastic coating texture

simple but not casual

coupled with the increasingly beautiful and lifelike ink painting

, people have a taste of life like tea

this bedroom has no redundant and complex decoration

with the bright dragon diatom mud ripple texture as the background.Wall

water waves, Just like the natural scenery

restaurant background wall

new Chinese style mix and match lively and fresh

unconsciously feel the power of youth and the beauty of life

soft and quiet bright dragon diatom mud yin-yang carved pattern

accompany you to enjoy food and time

bright dragon water-based diatom mud sea forest series

create a clean, neat, strong

bright blue porcelain vase, It is also particularly "dazzling"

Chinese style home has a unique charm

create an artistic home with Lianglong diatom mud

make home more warm and loving

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