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Mobile phone door lock, a new level of C-class lock cylinder safety

in ancient times, Zhang Fei, the door god, held Zhang BA's snake spear to ensure safety. Today, there are German dog mobile phone door locks, refined snake shaped eight slots to guard the house

choosing smart lock is not only to choose smart lock, but also to choose safe lock and good lock cylinder. The quality of the mechanical key lock cylinder is directly related to the anti prying and stability of the door

the door lock of German dog mobile phone has four kinds of opening, of which the mechanical key opening function is used in emergency. Generally, the key hole is hidden. But this rarely used function is the key to whether the door lock is safe enough

the German dog R & D team discussed many times from the perspective of safety, technology, cost and so on, and finally decided to use the C-level lock cylinder with the highest security as the special lock cylinder of the German dog mobile phone door lock

the lock cylinder is arranged from low to high according to the security level: a-level-b-level-c

A-level lock cylinder, which we often see in movies and TV dramas, can be easily opened with a few stabs of a wire. It is also very common in families

class b lock cylinder is better than class a lock cylinder, but it can also be opened by special tools within a few minutes. And the mutual opening rate is high. Other people's keys may also easily open your home, which is often reported in the news

c-level lock cylinder: using pure blade structure, even if you find a professional locksmith, you can't open it with technology within 270 minutes

c-level lock cylinder also has high and low levels. At present, the more complex the blade composite structure and key grain, the higher the safety of the lock cylinder

the door lock of German dog mobile phone adopts grade C lock cylinder, and the design technology is very exquisite. The front and back sides of the key have serpentine eight grooves, which is the most complex key grain at present, and the manufacturing accuracy has reached a new level, which we call serpentine eight grooves

the serpentine eight grooves are closely arranged on the key surface, and the toothed flowers are more complex and cumbersome. If someone wants to use technology to open the door lock, he has no way to start. The serpentine eight channel C-class lock cylinder of the German dog mobile phone door lock has complex key arrangement changes, which greatly enhances the anti-theft performance, can resist all known opening means, and has a higher safety factor

at the same time, the lock cylinder adopts a super strong solid 304 stainless steel fixing rod, which effectively prevents the possibility of breaking, twisting, impact and other attempts to destroy the lock body and forcibly enter the house, so that the safety reaches the highest peak in history

the lock cylinder of German dog mobile phone door lock is carefully cast with new wear-resistant cast steel material and special high-temperature heat treatment. It is durable. It has no fault after 100000 opening tests, and its service life can be as long as 20 years

as a lock, whether intelligent lock or mechanical lock, the most important thing is safety. Only the safest lock can be called a good lock. Every lock made by German dog is only for you to enjoy the "core" life intelligently

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