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"Zhijuhui? Win the future" has been the theme of Yadan for 14 years. As the name suggests, Yadan hopes to gather dealers across the country through this dealer conference, excavate and gather everyone's wisdom, and finally achieve the purpose of mining dealers' wisdom and realizing sharing.

Home Hotline: the theme of Yadan's dealer conference is "zhijuhui? Win the future", Can you elaborate on the meaning of this theme for us

president Zhang: "smart convergence? Win the future" is our theme for 14 years. As the name suggests, we hope to gather dealers across the country through this dealer conference, excavate and gather everyone's wisdom, and finally achieve the purpose of excavating dealers' wisdom and realizing sharing. Another purpose is that at this conference, dealers across the country can burst out more ideas and sparks, which can be transmitted to all franchised stores in the country to achieve a win-win situation

Yadan wardrobe managing director Colonel Zhang

home hotline: what is your view on the overall development of the home market in 2014? What specific plans does Adan have in terms of business

President Zhang: the wardrobe industry will have a golden period of three to five years in the future. For 2014, I am optimistic about the development of the wardrobe Market. In particular, President Xi Jinping's vigorous implementation of urbanization after taking office has strengthened my confidence in the development of the wardrobe Market in 2014

in terms of business planning, 2014 Yadan wardrobe has established a cooperative relationship with Hejun Zhiye, and will hold two large-scale mobile marketing promotion activities nationwide. In addition, an investment attraction activity will be held in the southwest and northeast regions respectively, so as to promote the development of Yadan in 2014

home hotline: what innovations will Yadan have in technology and technology this year? What new products are planned

President Zhang: I am now the leader of Yadan R & D team. In my opinion, the novelty and beauty of a company's products can directly affect the sales performance of the enterprise. Since I served as the leader of the research and development team, I have combed the products of Yadan in person, readjusted all Yadan products in terms of design style and concept, and made a complete series of products suitable for the market

home hotline: we want to ask a question that dealers' friends are more concerned about. In addition to brands and products, what specific assistance policies (advantages) does Yadan have in attracting investment and joining

president Zhang: in addition to giving corresponding support to investment promotion, I think that in addition to policy support, it is more important to help them make money, so as to achieve a win-win situation between dealers and Yadan. Therefore, we will train new dealers, help them with activities, training, store management and other details

home hotline: Yadan can be said to spare no effort in social welfare, especially in helping leukemia patients, such as the "flash man" large-scale public welfare activities, Yadan's Micro film "choice" and so on. After paying so much, what is your biggest gain (feeling) please share with us

President Zhang: This is a good question. Because an enterprise can't go far without public interest and morality. Yadan has been doing this work and making support and efforts in this area. In 2013, Yadan cooperated with leukemia charity fund and made the general sponsorship of "flash man". Through this series of activities, we raised funds to help some children in need, so that we achieved our goal. Through 13 years of activities, including 14 years, Yadan will also continue to do these activities, so that more people can understand the leukemia group, let more people participate, and help people in need

home hotline: now many wardrobe enterprises have begun to follow the route of full category, including Yadan, which has also launched a series of products such as cabinets, floors, sliding doors and so on. What are the advantages of Adan in the development of the whole category? What is the future plan

president Zhang: since 2011, Yadan has started to follow the route of full category. The zero formaldehyde experience hall that Yadan has always advocated is actually full house customization, including floors, cabinets, wooden doors, etc. the future development direction is also full house customization, and we will continue to follow this road unswervingly

home hotline: what do you think of the current popular home e-commerce issues? Does Adan have any plans or ideas in this regard

president Zhang: in the future, the customization industry must go informatization, which is the only way out. Yadan is also working on this aspect, including the sorting of products I mentioned earlier, in order to better serve e-commerce. Yadan has a project that is dedicated to serving consumers. Consumers can use the guidance of Yadan platform to design their favorite home decoration renderings on their computers at home




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