How to understand and resolve PV overcapacity

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How to understand and resolve PV overcapacity

forward looking arrangements to effectively deal with overcapacity

to solve the problem of overcapacity, we should give full play to the decisive role of the market in allocating resources, give better play to the role of the government, deeply grasp the market operation rules, strengthen and improve macro-control, and make strategic and forward-looking arrangements in a timely manner

as for the photovoltaic industry, to effectively deal with and solve the problem of overcapacity, it is suggested to grasp the following key points:

accelerate the implementation of innovation driven strategy and improve the development level of the photovoltaic industry. Give full play to the guiding role of the government, timely improve the "leader" technical standards, and attract more industrial funds to support photovoltaic production enterprises to invest in the development of high-efficiency photovoltaic technology through preferential policies such as investment and R & D subsidies, additional deductions, tax relief, etc. At the same time, actively help enterprises to expand the overseas market of solar photovoltaic power generation and thermal utilization industries, and support enterprises and foreign advanced enterprises to carry out joint research and development in the solar industry, batteries, energy storage technology and other cutting-edge technologies. We will strengthen technological innovation, integration innovation, application mode innovation and collaborative innovation in the photovoltaic industry, create new innovation chains, new industrial chains and innovation ecological chains, create new demands and new driving forces, and improve the development level of the whole industry

reduce government administrative intervention and improve support policies such as subsidies. Make full use of the market mechanism to promote the merger and reorganization of enterprises. Formulate clear supporting policies in the aspects of new energy tariff subsidies, combined power generation, photovoltaic poverty alleviation, etc., expand the market demand for domestic photovoltaic equipment and reduce dependence on the international market. Further improve the subsidy mechanism and standards for photovoltaic power generation, and formulate differentiated subsidy standards for photovoltaic power generation, taking into account the actual factors such as price policy convergence and different periods of project construction, as well as different conditions such as technical characteristics, benefits and brand influence. Formulate a reasonable and predictable photovoltaic electricity price reduction mechanism based on indicators such as industrial technological progress, product market price changes, and newly added PV installed capacity, so as to make the policy predictable and avoid the strong impact of sudden policy changes on the market and industry. Introduce policies to promote distributed solar energy applications. Timely adjust the land use tax and land use policies, issue clear collection standards and reduction policies, and allow the construction of new complementary photovoltaic power generation projects using garden land, aquaculture water surface, low-quality farmland, etc. Explore differentiated financing support. Guide financial institutions to give preferential and concentrated support to key technological innovation, merger and reorganization, going global and other key projects of photovoltaic enterprises that have advantages in cost, technology, scale and other aspects and have strong overall strength

we will improve the access regulations, flip top packaging boxes, plastic pallet and other policies, and standardize the development order of the industry. Continuously improve the photovoltaic industry management system, improve the government service functions, strengthen planning and industrial policy guidance, and strengthen market supervision and industry management. We will continue to implement the policy documents such as the specification conditions for the photovoltaic manufacturing industry, the opinions on promoting the application and industrial upgrading of advanced photovoltaic technology products, and timely clean up the list of specifications for the photovoltaic manufacturing industry. We will standardize the development order of the industry and promote the withdrawal of backward production capacity from the market through the combination of active guidance and market coercion. Give full play to the role of industry organizations in strengthening industry self-discipline, promoting advanced technology and management experience, carrying out statistical monitoring, studying and formulating standards, etc. Strengthen industrial services, establish a monitoring system for the photovoltaic industry, timely release the capacity scale, technological progress, market supply and demand and other information for the development of the photovoltaic industry, guide the investment decisions of enterprises, avoid the blind investment behavior of herd, build a communication platform between banks and enterprises, and guide the orderly and coordinated development of the photovoltaic industry

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