How to transform the hottest wind power in China

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How to transform China's wind power

in the first quarter of this year, China's wind power generation reached 18.8 billion kwh, an increase of 60.4%. This data shows that the development of wind power still continues the trend of high-end machines of Jinan new period Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. in the 11th Five Year Plan period. After more than 30 years, especially 4. With the rapid development of the 11th five year plan, China's wind power has made brilliant achievements. At present, China has become the world's largest wind power country

what are the reasons behind the rapid development of wind power in China? What are the constraints facing the development of wind power? How should the wind power industry change its development mode during the 12th Five Year Plan period to promote China's transformation from a large wind power country to a strong wind power country? We interviewed relevant persons in charge of the national energy administration and representatives of wind power enterprises on these issues

large wind power country: the total installed capacity ranks first in the world

according to the data of the national energy administration, in the first quarter of this year, China's wind power generation reached 18.8 billion kwh, an increase of 60.4%, ranking first among major energy power generation

wind power production capacity and optimal dispatching are the two main factors for the rapid growth of wind power generation in the first quarter. Shi Lishan, deputy director of the renewable energy department of the national energy administration, made an analysis. In addition, the heating period in the North has basically ended, and the part of power dispatching that ensures cogeneration and residential heat has been released, making room for wind power dispatching

the development of wind power in the first quarter coincides with the high-speed development trend of wind power in the eleventh five year plan. During the 11th Five Year Plan period, China's installed wind power capacity doubled for five consecutive years, becoming the world's largest wind power country. By the end of 2010, the total installed capacity of wind power in China had exceeded 40million kW, ranking first in the world

a series of incentive policies issued by the Chinese government have played a decisive role in promoting the development of wind power. Xie Jianning, chairman of Shenhua Guohua Energy Investment Co., Ltd., pointed out that during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period, China successively issued a series of supporting policies and implementation details, such as the renewable energy law, the notice on relevant requirements for wind power construction management, and the medium and long term development plan of renewable energy, which provided legal protection for the long-term development of wind power. Last year, China's subsidies for renewable energy power generation reached 12billion yuan, which laid a solid foundation for the development of wind power

He Yan, executive director and deputy general manager of Huaneng new energy Co., Ltd., pointed out that driven by the huge market demand, China's wind power equipment manufacturing industry has become one of the advantageous industries with international competitiveness. Some wind turbine manufacturers have entered the top ten in the world, and domestic manufacturers have accounted for more than 85% of China's market share Datang new energy and Huaneng new energy are among the top ten wind power operators in the world

at the same time, the technological innovation ability of China's wind power equipment manufacturing enterprises is also increasing, and the transformation of high-power wind turbine technology from introduction and digestion, joint design to independent design has been preliminarily realized. A large number of innovations made by Chinese enterprises in adapting units to China's special environment and wind conditions, as well as the offline and operation of multi MW wind turbine units independently designed and developed by Chinese enterprises, have fully proved that China's wind power technology has reached the international advanced level through the driving of the swing rod by the pull rod and the upper swing arm (square iron)

resource integration: transformation from speed to quality

in recent years, with the promotion of new national policies, some places are also introducing new measures to solve the problem of wind power. According to the white paper on promoting wind power development issued by the State Power Corporation, by the end of 2010, the national wind power capacity had reached 29.56 million KW. In 2010, the average utilization hours of wind turbines nationwide were 2097 hours, and the utilization of wind power has reached a high level. However, the combined generation is still a difficult problem that restricts the sustainable development of wind power. The generation of electricity has become a bottleneck restricting the development of wind power in China

according to the statistics of the national energy administration, although the total installed capacity of wind power in China has reached more than 44 million kilowatts, only more than 35 million kilowatts have been combined and generated due to power mismatches in some regions

Shi Lishan pointed out that, unlike the worry that wind power equipment could not be self-contained when the wind power industry just started, the biggest problem encountered by the current wind power industry is that due to the rapid development of wind power and the relative lag of power construction, it is difficult to consolidate and limit power

according to xiechangjun, general manager of Guodian Longyuan Power Group Co., Ltd., there are more than 80 wind turbine manufacturers in China at present, and the production capacity far exceeds the investment demand of China's wind power. In the next twoorthree years, China's wind power manufacturing industry may be in a situation of scouring the sand with waves and merger and reorganization. These problems will prompt the industry to think deeply about how to promote the healthy development of China's wind power industry

at this stage of wind power development, more attention should be paid to scientific and refined development, and higher requirements should be put forward for the operation and management of wind farms. Shi Lishan said that, for example, the layout of wind farms should be optimized, and 24-hour wind power forecasting should be done. The construction of large-scale wind power bases plays a decisive role in the change of energy structure. It is necessary to grasp the rhythm, pay attention to technology, make reasonable layout, and avoid being eager for quick success and instant benefits

xiechangjun said that China's wind power preservation and data processing after experiments have put forward higher requirements. In the future, China should change from the current pursuit of development speed to the pursuit of development quality, from the pursuit of installed capacity to the pursuit of wind power generation, and from centralized large-scale development to large-scale decentralized development

transformation of development mode: decentralized development and offshore wind power will become hot spots

according to the calculation of the national energy administration, by 2015, China's wind power installed capacity will reach 100million kW, the annual power generation will exceed 200billion kwh, about 80million tons of standard coal will be saved, and the proportion in the whole energy will increase from 0.5% in 2010 to about 2%

after the rapid growth, the industry and the government have realized that the development of wind power will enter a period of transformation and rational development. At the policy level, it will no longer blindly develop large-scale wind power bases. Decentralized development and offshore wind power will become the next hot spot

in order to promote the large-scale development of wind power, in the past, it was advocated to establish large bases and integrate large power, but now it is more hoped that on this basis, it will support areas with less abundant resources to develop low wind speed wind farms and advocate decentralized development. Shi Lishan said that decentralized development will be a direction of wind power development in the future. He said that this does not mean giving up the original big base route, but walking on two legs, so that enterprises can not only focus on the construction of big bases, but also focus on the whole country, such as Yunnan, Anhui, Hubei, Hunan, Jiangxi, Shandong, Shanxi, etc

he pointed out that in the past, wind power investment was too concentrated in Inner Mongolia, Northeast China and other places. In the investment boom, local governments were eager for quick success and instant benefits, which had an adverse impact on industrial layout and technological progress. It was necessary to maintain a reasonable development speed and retain the space for technological maturity. In the future, the development of the industry will be more scientific and refined, focusing on improving quality and efficiency. Offshore wind power will also be the focus of development

this development idea has also been recognized by enterprises. Xiechangjun said: we have slowed down the development speed in Inner Mongolia and Northeast China and turned to Shanxi, Jiangsu, Yunnan, Shanxi and other places for development. The installed wind power capacity of Longyuan Power has reached 6556 megawatts, ranking third in the world and first in Asia

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