How to test the ability of CNC engraving machine

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How to test the ability of CNC engraving machine

with the popularization of computer engraving machines in the advertising and identification industry, computer engraving machines are no longer just a symbol of strength, but have become a real professional production tool of batch type

typical applications of computer engraving machines in the advertising and logo industry include: badge processing, cutting crystal characters, carving three-dimensional characters, making sand table components, processing light box components, processing organic products, carving embossed characters and patterns, etc

the most important features of the above applications are:

· the finished products are required to be fine and the processing area is small. Only small cutters can be used for processing! The use of small cutting tools produces high production efficiency, which requires that the equipment capacity and processing technology must have professional characteristics

· must be mass produced! It is difficult to generate good economies of scale without batch

operators with actual production experience know that it is easy to do a job, but it is difficult to work in batches without accidents, according to different types of material testing! This will test whether the tools are "comfortable and easy to use"

At present, it is widely used in building wall insulation, aerospace, transportation, medical incubators, thermal insulation of various incubators and other fields all over the world.

the most remarkable feature of professional CNC engraving machine is that professional engraving cad/cam software and CNC engraving machine are professional and tight matching

when a professional computer (CNC) engraving machine is used for batch processing, the professional engraving software can ensure that the operator can smoothly design and generate a reasonable and efficient processing program; When the material is clamped and the tool is adjusted to start working, the operator only needs to "listen to the cutting sound of the tool" regularly to determine whether the tool is worn. If necessary, replace the tool, which basically does not occupy people; After processing, if it is found that the processing effect of some areas does not meet the requirements, the operator can use the repair function on the machine to make a little remedy on the site, and a batch of work can be completed fluently. In this way, it is comfortable to work "!

the computer (CNC) engraving machine with a low degree of specialization has designed an ideal processing method for the operator - there is no accident in the processing process! If this premise exists, there is no problem in the work of this engraving machine, but in fact, there is no accident in the long-term batch processing, and the work will be" difficult "at this time "! it is mainly manifested as: it is difficult to accurately position the tool adjustment and it is difficult to repair the defects in the processing on site! This may cause: the low positioning accuracy of the tool affects the precision of the finished product, and it is impossible to repair on site. It must be processed repeatedly to reduce the processing efficiency!

the computer (CNC) engraving machine provides support in the following aspects to ensure that customers are comfortable to use"

taking professional engraving cad/cam software (jdpaint) as the design platform -- the core of efficient engraving with small tools

the processing objects of computer (CNC) engraving are mostly fine and complex shapes. Their modeling and processing methods are different from the traditional CNC processing methods. Without the support of professional engraving cad/cam functions, it is difficult to achieve high efficiency in practical use

use the precision high-speed spindle motor -- the key equipment for small tool engraving

the high-speed precision spindle motor has the characteristics of high speed, high precision, low noise, low vibration and high-speed constant power, ensuring that the small tool can obtain high cutting linear speed, maintain high rotation accuracy and stable working shafting, and generate sufficient high-speed cutting force

CNC engraving process based on equal cutting technology -- strong support for high-speed engraving of small tools

equal cutting is a cam professional technology for high-speed engraving of small tools. No matter how complex the processing area is, this technology can ensure that a constant cutting amount is generated and a reasonable engraving path is planned. Only equal cutting can technically ensure efficient engraving of small tools

stable CNC control technology -- the basic guarantee for efficient engraving with small tools

cnc engraving is processed with small tools, and the material removal amount of a single cutting is small. In order to improve the processing efficiency, it is necessary to increase the average speed of the feed and turn back stably and quickly. The stable CNC control technology of the precision engraving CNC system ensures that these carbon nanotubes can also ensure and improve the mechanical integrity of carbon fiber materials, and ensure that the small tool bears a stable cutting force and maintains a high and stable average feed speed during engraving, so that the high efficiency of small tool processing can be realized

stable mechanical structure -- a solid platform for high-speed engraving of small tools

the mechanical structure of the engraving machine is an integral casting structure, and the motion guide rail is directly installed on the stable structure. Under the joint guarantee of high-precision machined parts and fine assembly technology, it ensures that the engraving machine has good processing stability, low motion noise, and provides a stable working platform for high-speed machining of small tools, It provides a reliable guarantee for the realization of the motion mode of "high-speed feeding and fast turning back"

practical accident repair function - ensure that the processing of small tools is truly efficient

because CNC engraving uses small tools for processing, the accidents of small tools that wear fast and are easy to break cannot be completely changed. At present, the business of advertising and identification industry is mainly based on batch activities, which requires that the computer engraving machine has a practical accident repair function, and the operator can directly repair the engraving errors on the operating platform, Otherwise, once an accident occurs, it needs to be reprogrammed or processed from scratch, which will cause a large number of meaningless repeated rough polishing. The surface damage formed by rough polishing is a secondary thinking labor and reduces the processing efficiency. (end)

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