How to understand the die cutting problem of unit

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How to understand the die cutting problem of unit flexo printing machine

compared with the wide width flexographic press, one of the biggest features of the unit flexographic press is that it can perform on-line die-cutting, and most of them adopt the method of round pressing, because the flat pressing and on-line die-cutting mechanism is complex, and it will reduce the running speed of the press. Flexo printing machines are generally equipped with three die-cutting stations. The die-cutting stations include a gear driven anvil roll, a "groove" for fixing the die-cutting knife and anvil roll, and a set of components that can apply pressure to the die-cutting knife and adjust the pressure on the machine. Therefore, the paper industry will still be faced with challenges and opportunities. The structural strength, rigidity and maintainability of the die cutting station are the key factors of die cutting. The die-cutting knife for round pressing can be adjusted longitudinally like a printing plate cylinder. Ordinary integral die-cutting knife is generally made by machining method. First, different grades of tool steel shall be selected according to the conditions of the printing materials and the processing volume. After high-precision CNC cutting, the shape of the blade shall be formed, and then the surface shall be hardened. Finally, the blade shall be polished manually under the microscope, and then the die-cutting shall be tested on the machine. This kind of die-cutting knife can be cut for about 1million times. After the blade is blunt, it can be grinded. A pair of die-cutting knives can be grinded for three times in total, and the number of die-cutting times after each grinding reaches about 800000 times. If the use and maintenance are proper, the service life of the die-cutting knife that is, the total number of die-cutting times can reach 3.5 million times

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