How to tap thread on the most popular CNC lathe

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How do CNC lathes tap threads

instruction format: G32 Z (W) ----p (E) ----l

where: Z (W) tapping end point coordinate or tapping length

p pitch of metric thread

e pitch of inch thread

l number of threads

g32 z-axis tapping cycle

(1) z-axis feed tapping

(2) turn off the spindle

(3) wait for the spindle to stop completely

(4) spindle rotation

(5) Z axis tool retraction

(6) spindle stops

example: single head thread with 2mm thread lead

n0010 m3; (start spindle)

n0020 G32 z-40 P2; (tapping cycle)

n0030 m3; (restart the spindle)

n0040 G0 Z100 x30; (continue processing)

note 1: before tapping, the rotation direction of the main shaft shall be determined according to the rotation direction of the tapping. After tapping, the main shaft will stop rotating. To continue machining, restart the spindle as required

note 2: since this instruction is a rigid tapping, after the spindle stop signal is valid, the spindle will also have an electromechanical drive through the reducer and other 1-series transmission head mechanism to drive the screw rod to change a certain deceleration time. At this time, the z-axis still follows the transmission of the spindle until the spindle stops completely. Therefore, the actual bottom hole of the thread should be slightly deeper than the actual needs. The specific length depends on the forming shrinkage during tapping: 0 The speed of 8% spindle depends on whether there is a spindle brake

can't you use a tapping machine? A special tap clamp is required for tapping several turns, that is, install the tap on the tool holder 4 with a relative error of ± 0.5% (level 0.5)

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