How to troubleshoot the flowmeter

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How to troubleshoot flowmeter faults

with the continuous development of modern industry, flow instruments are used more and more widely, and the use of solid tools to stop clearing faults is also prohibited. The flowmeter fault inspection methods can be summarized as the following servo motor [servo motor]:

1, resistance method

(1) the on-off of flowmeter power fuse and excitation fuse

(2) electromagnetic flowmeter 3 indicates the connection and disconnection of signal cable and excitation cable in terms of diamond material

(3) on-off and resistance value of excitation coil of electromagnetic flowmeter

(4) insulation resistance of excitation coil of electromagnetic flowmeter to ground

(5) measurement of electrode symmetry

(6) insulation resistance of electrode to ground

(7) resistance of flowmeter power transformer

2. Current method: measure the output current and excitation current of the flowmeter,

3. Voltage method: judge the working power supply,

4. Replace the method if the drive is not normal, such as exchanging the converter and amplifier board of the flowmeter,

5. Analog signal method: use the analog signal generator to provide the flow signal to test the flow sensor,

6. Waveform method: test the waveform of key points on the basis of being familiar with the circuit (end)

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