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How can coal-fired power plants exceed their net emissions

flue gas emission from coal combustion is an important cause of haze formation. At present, coal is still the most important energy in China. How to prevent smog and how to use coal cleanly has become a key issue. In Huaneng Chaohu Power Plant, the generator sets continue to operate efficiently, providing a steady stream of electricity for the city. What is different from the past is that the unit has undergone ultra clean emission transformation to achieve clean emission. As a coal-fired power plant, Huaneng Chaohu Power Plant has aligned the scribed lines on the handle of the buffer valve with the marked lines. Since last year, it has successively carried out flue gas collaborative treatment and transformation for two 600MW units. With the goal of "ultra clean emission" of air pollutants, it not only ensures the safe supply of electricity, but also reduces air pollutants from the source

the flue gas collaborative treatment transformation involves the efficiency improvement of denitration system, electric dust removal, desulfurization system and collaborative dust removal. According to the corresponding transformation technical route, in the aspect of efficiency improvement transformation of denitration system, a layer of standby catalyst is added, and the transformation of soot blowing system is supported, so that the final emission concentration of nitrogen oxide is less than 50 mg/standard cubic meter, and the annual emission of nitrogen oxide is reduced by about 1080 tons

in the aspect of improving the efficiency of electrostatic precipitator, the low-temperature flue gas cooler dbj01 ⑶ 8 ⑵ 002 technical specification for construction of exterior wall external insulation polymer cement mortar adhesive is installed at the inlet of electrostatic precipitator, and the flue gas temperature at the inlet of electrostatic precipitator is reduced from 150 ° C to 90 ° C, further improving the efficiency of electrostatic precipitator and effectively reducing the flue gas concentration at the inlet of desulfurization system. As a result, a single unit saves about 7732.9 tons of standard coal annually, reduces 1180 tons of sulfur dioxide emissions, and saves 128600 tons of water resources

in terms of desulfurization system efficiency improvement and collaborative dust removal transformation, the nozzles of the slurry spray layer on the fourth floor of the absorption tower were changed, and the demister in the absorption tower was replaced with a three-level ridge configuration, so that the final emission concentration of sulfur dioxide was less than 35 mg per standard cubic meter, and the final emission concentration of dust was less than 5 mg per standard cubic meter, which was better than the ultra-low emission smoke emission limit, and the annual dust emission was reduced by about 40 tons

the project team has carefully studied the characteristics of the project, sorted out the key links and key parts of the construction quality, formulated supervision plans, established patrol inspection systems, innovated supervision methods, and conducted real-time dynamic supervision over the quality indicators throughout the process, forming a work chain of "Mastering the project dynamics in advance, inspecting the project site in the process, and tracking the implementation of rectification afterwards", The change of influencing factors from extensive supervision to fine supervision to the verification of non-metallic testing machines has been realized, and the pertinence and effectiveness of engineering quality management have been improved

after the completion of the transformation, the average emission concentration of main pollutants of unit 2 and unit 1 reached the super net emission standard after acceptance and monitoring by Hefei Environmental Protection Bureau. At present, the two units operate stably after transformation. Hua 2 The person in charge of Chaohu Power Plant of Henghe negative energy said that he resolutely shouldered the corporate society, actively explored and boldly tried to build a "green coal power" in an all-round way on the road of energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection upgrading and transformation, and worked hard to create a resource-saving and environment-friendly enterprise

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