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how does photovoltaic power generation change from quantity to quality

after development in recent years, the scale of photovoltaic power generation in China has reached 174million kW by the end of 2018, ranking first in the world for six consecutive years. According to the national energy administration, photovoltaic power generation has changed from a high-speed growth stage to a high-quality development stage. In 2019, we will continue to promote the development of the photovoltaic industry and maintain a reasonable development scale and pace of the photovoltaic industry with the main line of promoting the high-quality development of photovoltaic power generation. Therefore, 2019 and 2020 will be the transitional stage of PV from subsidized to non subsidized. There will be two large PV projects: one is the PV power generation projects that do not need state subsidies, and the other is the PV power generation projects that need state subsidies

photovoltaic power generation has changed from quantity to quality. As a member of the photovoltaic industry, we should respond to the call of the government, sum up the past, overcome difficulties and practice our internal skills. At the same time, we should also be soberly aware that although our photovoltaic industry has done a lot, there are also many problems: first, there is a lack of core technology. The black silicon technology, perc technology, heterojunction and other battery technologies in components all originated from foreign countries, and the IGBT, control chip and other key components of inverter depend on imports; Second, the installation quality is uneven, and the photovoltaic standard lags behind seriously; Third, the problem of light and power curtailment in Northwest China is serious; 4. When the glass transition temperature is lower than the glass transition temperature, the amorphous polymers are in the glass state, and the huge gap of subsidy funds is becoming larger and larger. The subsidy arrears have caused great pressure on enterprises; Fifth, the non-technical cost remains high, and it is difficult to reduce the land rent, electricity access, early-stage development costs, various beach schools and financing costs

it is not a simple process from PV subsidies to non subsidy parity. It requires all equipment manufacturers, EPC installers, standard makers, media and other fronts in the PV industry to take their own responsibilities and work together when the load can no longer rise; As well as state-owned enterprises and government departments such as power companies, the Energy Bureau and the national development and Reform Commission have issued relevant security policies to remove obstacles to parity

1. Cost reduction and efficiency increase

improve the quality of development through cost reduction and efficiency increase, achieve the survival of the fittest in the photovoltaic industry, curb irrational expansion, further consolidate the leading position of the photovoltaic industry in the world, and cultivate a number of world-class photovoltaic manufacturing leading enterprises. Reduce non-technical costs, promote local governments to implement various policies to support the development of the photovoltaic industry, improve the business environment and reduce financing costs. According to the survey and statistics, the financing costs of most photovoltaic enterprises are about 8%, some enterprises are even as high as 10%, while the overseas financing costs are mostly about 3% - 5%; To improve the efficiency of components, various new technologies such as black silicon, perc, MWT, single chip, half chip, double-sided and laminated tiles are applied to improve the conversion efficiency of components as much as possible; Improve inverter efficiency, improve inverter MPPT tracking efficiency and reduce inverter loss; Improve the efficiency of photovoltaic system. At present, the system efficiency of most power stations in China is about 80%, lower than 85% in developed countries

at the current electricity price level, if the system cost is reduced to 4 yuan per watt, the system efficiency is increased to more than 85% and the financing cost is less than 5%, most places can achieve parity

2. Mastering core technology

China has the most comprehensive and perfect photovoltaic process industry chain in the world. The latest technology can often develop rapidly under China's strong industrial chain integration ability. However, there is still a gap between China and foreign countries in the research of new batteries. Most of the new battery technologies were developed after the introduction of gb/t 16823.3 ⑴ 997 rib fastener tightening experimental method, China still relies on imports of key equipment, including black silicon, perc, n-type technology, etc., so we need to increase R & D investment and launch our own core technology; In terms of system design, we should develop our own design software and improve photovoltaic power prediction technology and tracking technology to improve system efficiency

3. Solve the problem of consumption

the problem of power curtailment due to light abandonment cannot be fundamentally solved for three reasons. First, the development speed of new energy power generation has obviously exceeded the replacement speed of new energy power generation for traditional coal power; Second, the western region is rich in resources, but the consumption level is limited. However, China has not formed a coordinated consumption market in the East, middle and West, and the construction of transmission channels is seriously lagging behind; Third, the existing power peak shaving capacity and flexibility are insufficient, and there are barriers to inter provincial transactions. Therefore, power companies are required to strengthen the construction of power and transmission channels, eliminate provincial barriers, and establish a nationwide collaborative consumption market

4. Transformation of photovoltaic power generation to energy management

transformation of photovoltaic power generation to energy management, building a modern energy system with global energy interconnection as the core. Photovoltaic is not only a way to make money by selling electricity. Making photovoltaic, energy storage, energy interconnection and energy management systems into a platform adds several ways: first, increasing the peak time of electricity price, second, reducing power outage losses, and third, improving power quality, The fourth is to build a multi energy complementary thermal power linkage micro system. The fifth is to monitor and control all electrical equipment, which can improve the experience of employees, optimize the energy efficiency of enterprises and reduce energy consumption costs

fossil energy will run out one day, and the sun will rise every day. The breakthrough and application of energy storage technology have formed a significant "complementary effect" with the development of green energy, accelerated the fundamental transformation of energy development and utilization, and promoted the new energy represented by photovoltaic to become the main power supply of the new generation power system

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