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Caterpillar OEM solution financing exclusive service

caterpillar OEM solution financing exclusive service

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recently, Caterpillar (China) Finance Leasing Co., Ltd. helped materials become stronger and stronger. A large national backbone enterprise and provincial high-tech enterprise under a central enterprise in China, through production orders 11 sets of cat (Carter) original equipment manufacturer (OEM) equipment are used in the production of rotary drilling rigs by means of financing lease of two (multi) component polyurethane waterproof coating. In this project, cat financing provides high-quality financial services with diversified and flexible financing solutions to meet the customized needs of customers

sites around the world are using cat machines to improve performance, productivity and reliability. At these sites, some machines based on cat equipment and with special-purpose performance are also operating at the same time. Many of these machines have caterpillar pedigree. They rely on caterpillar OEM solutions to obtain some configurations or systems and the best matching parts. Based on this, customers build unique equipment that can meet their project needs

as a financing company, Carter financing is committed to customizing appropriate financing solutions for customers, and calmly operate in a flexible way to help customers in various industries quickly own cat equipment. The cat OEM solution can help customers with complex working conditions to obtain the most suitable parts with small sample size, and create unique equipment that can meet your project needs with shorter engineering design time and lower overall cost

cat financing and OEM

this cooperation between cat financing and OEM not only helps customers quickly obtain equipment and put it into production, but also further improves the value of equipment and increases business opportunities by using special machines

when purchasing cat OEM equipment, cat financing is your best choice. We can provide you with the following exclusive services:

the financing period can be up to 36 months

interest rate discount can be enjoyed, which is equivalent to the financing of new machines. In the car VOC, the interest rate is one piece

regional manager professional services tailor-made financing solutions for you

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