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Innovative marketing: enterprise financing should also be intelligent

enterprises in the information age are facing many opportunities and market choices. Therefore, the practice in the field of marketing has become a magic weapon for enterprises to win by adding tensile strength, elongation, non proportional elongation and other properties to the previous gb/t 11091 (1) 989 standard in mechanics. For this reason, there are many differences between academia and business circles, taking China as an example

on December 9, Shenzhen Yanxiang group jointly held a seminar entitled "information integration and marketing innovation" with the magazine "successful marketing". At the seminar, well-known experts, media and Yanxiang representatives discussed the return path of future enterprise marketing innovation while summarizing the successful experience of advantageous enterprises' marketing innovation

as a B2B professional enterprise, in recent years, Yanxiang has not carried out marketing according to the conventional mode of high-tech enterprises, but has adopted many unconventional ways to make full use of marketing activities such as networks and events to promote its brand. At this meeting, all expert representatives also expressed their views on marketing promotion

fanxiaoning, director and executive vice president of Yanxiang group, believes that enterprises should first have courage, courage and open their minds to marketing; Even a small step ahead of the opponent is an innovative success. Creative marketing is not inevitable. As long as an enterprise is willing to do it, it will succeed

Professor Yang Yushi of the new media research center of Peking University believes that successful marketing is equal to doing successful events at the right time, which is a successful model. Yanxiang's business model is professional and cannot be copied, but it is easier to succeed if it uses popular means of communication

Mr. Jiang Xingdong, from the China brand consulting organization, expressed his views at the meeting: Yanxiang has achieved Chinese creation in the field of special computers, and in the field of creative marketing, we should give full play to the creative spirit. Thinking more and planning more is to pave the way for successful marketing. In addition, while Chinese enterprises are developing rapidly, in addition to market financing, they also need to integrate more intelligence. The integration of intelligence between enterprises and academia will promote the marketing promotion of various industries in China

therefore, this marketing Symposium not only provides a lot of reference for creative marketing of Chinese private enterprises, but also provides a reference for more new start-ups and integrated marketing of traditional industries

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