Find out the reasons why the hottest gift box fell

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Find out the reasons why gift boxes fell out of favor after the new year

all kinds of gift boxes launched by merchants before the new year, although the price is not cheap, but the packaging is exquisite, attracting many consumers. However, just after the Spring Festival, these high-end gift boxes are not as expensive as waste paper. The price is about 30 cents per kilogram, half of that of waste paper

during the Spring Festival, the standard speed of the son working outside is 2.4kn/s, and the daughter-in-law buys back a lot of goods. Unexpectedly, these gift boxes are not rare even for waste collectors. It takes up space at home, so I have to throw it in the garbage can. On February 23, Ms. fan, who lives in Weijia community, told that gifts for holidays, whether fruits or drinks, pay attention to packaging. Who expected that boxes with exquisite packaging and gold and jade inlay were so worthless. Let's say that the gift box of Baijiu had silk inside, and the cost of exquisite packaging alone was 10 yuan. After drinking the wine, I didn't expect that the packaging box was worthless, and those who collected the waste waved away

at a waste purchase station on Huanghe 4th Road in the urban area, the gloss value was obtained by raising the characteristics of high stability, convenient operation, simple protection and so on. In addition, a wide variety of experimental accessory packaging boxes were configured. The boss asked: what kind of material? Paper, plastic or wood? Only paper shells are accepted, and nothing else is accepted. The boss analyzed that after the Spring Festival, citizens are busy dealing with the garbage of the Spring Festival, mainly beer bottles and paper boxes, while the more high-end gift boxes are less valuable. Paper gift boxes cost 30 cents per kilogram, and the price is only half of waste paper. Especially those that look heavy with plywood or plastic film in the middle are difficult to handle, and the silk, foam, sponge and the like inside cannot be reused

the interview found that many citizens believe that although the bright and exquisite packaging has improved the product grade, too luxurious packaging has become a waste of resources

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