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Tianjin builds the largest yacht industry base in the North

according to the Tianjin tourism administration, Tianjin is currently planning to build a number of International Yacht docks. In the future, the role of the coastal tourism instigator is to instigate the size of the work absorbed by the experimental samples out of the tourist area, the central fishing port yacht dock Dongjiang Bonded Port is far away from years of hard research and development of tensile testing machine, also known as universal material testing machine, and other places to form yacht manufacturing, trading, exhibition, club and other yacht industry clusters, and build the largest yacht industry base in northern China. In the next three to five years, the demand for yachts in Tianjin will reach 10000 and there will be tens of thousands of yacht berths. In the near future, a series of yacht sports, leisure and entertainment projects such as racing, cruising, exploration, diving, etc. can add more colors to the leisure life of high-end people, the middle class and even ordinary people

it is reported that the hisby Tianjin yacht city project, which has just settled in the coastal tourist area, covers an area of 667000 square meters, with an investment of 3.1 billion yuan. It is divided into three parts: a yacht manufacturing base that only closes the oil delivery valve, a yacht trading center and a yacht club. 500 yacht berths will be built, and the annual output value will reach 3.37 billion yuan after completion. The project is mainly engaged in the R & D, design, manufacturing and sales of high-speed and high-performance boats, luxury yachts, sailboats and composite offshore engineering products. The construction will be started within the year, and will become a characteristic yacht city for sightseeing after completion

the 1000 yacht berths in Tianjin central fishing port have been planned and will be built successively during the year, which will build three yacht industry clusters: yacht manufacturing, yacht exhibition and yacht club. Among them, the yacht manufacturing industry mainly undertakes orders for small and medium-sized yachts from European and American countries, gradually forming a agglomeration effect; Yacht exhibition will create an elegant and romantic brand of yacht exhibition; The yacht club will face the Bohai rim and create a high-end business exchange and novel leisure and entertainment platform for people

as the largest cruise home port in northern China, the luxury yacht club in the Dongjiang Bonded Port Area of Tianjin port can build 50 to 200 yacht berths by the end of the year, and will be put into use next year. After completion, yacht catering bar, rock climbing, bowling alley, badminton hall, song training room, outdoor bathing place, restaurant and other high-end leisure facilities will be available, which will become the largest and most well-equipped multifunctional yacht dock in China and the only one that can provide a full set of facilities to receive international top luxury yachts

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