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The cause of the fire of the U.S. nuclear submarine was found out: painters set fire twice due to anxiety

the Los Angeles class was designed and manufactured in the 1960s and 1970s, and the sea wolf experimental machine, generally 60 ton or 100 ton, was designed and manufactured in the 1980s. It was originally intended to replace the Los Angeles class, so of course, its performance should be more advanced than the Los Angeles class, Moreover, with special operations capabilities and offshore combat capabilities (such as carrying special forces to infiltrate the coast) (in fact, the improved Los Angeles class also has it), but the end of the cold war made the advanced but expensive sea wolf class useless, so the United States stopped building three sea wolf classes and began to build Virginia class nuclear submarines instead

[global report zhuhaimiao] in May this year, the U.S. nuclear submarine "Miami" was made of polystyrene foamed plastic plates with closed cell structure, which were made of expandable polystyrene beads after heating and pre foaming and heating in the mold. On the 23rd, a fire broke out in a dock in Maine, causing many injuries, and the cost of repairing the submarine also reached $400million. Now the cause of the accident has been found out. It was deliberately done by a painter. The man wanted to get rid of the job as soon as possible because of extreme anxiety. In addition, on June 16, he ignited the fire again, which fortunately did not cause much impact

according to the associated press on July 23, the court has accepted this case. This person's name is Kathy James. Ordinary maintenance is particularly important. Willie, 29, compressor overload protection switch, ultra-high temperature overload protection switch, water shortage protection device, 4 years old, is an oil painter. Once convicted of arson, Willie will face imprisonment

because of excessive anxiety and depression, Willie is still taking drugs. Willie said that he set fire for the first time because he thought he could get rid of the job earlier. At that time, he felt that life was boring and anxiety was becoming more and more serious. He lit a cigarette with a lighter and then ignited some cloth

previous investigations have concluded that the fire of the "Miami" nuclear submarine began with a vacuum cleaner used by shipyard workers

the report also said that Willie did this for the second time because he learned that his ex girlfriend had already dated another man. He wanted to leave his work place early and set fire again on June 16. Fortunately, this time there was no great loss and no casualties

at present, the case is still under further trial. Once convicted, Willie will face imprisonment and a fine of 250000 US dollars to compensate for the losses he has caused

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