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Industrial production of polypropylene autoclave alloy

on November 29, good news came from Sinopec Yangzi Petrochemical Company: the national "863" plan project - the 1000 ton pilot study of polypropylene autoclave alloy has passed the acceptance of the Ministry of science and technology of the people's Republic of China, and the special material for k-9015 automobile bumper developed by the company has formed a mass production capacity. This kind of material is recognized as the trump card of special materials for automobile bumpers in the world automotive industry. As the only domestic manufacturer that can produce this brand of special materials according to the statistics of Changzhou inspection and Quarantine Bureau export dangerous packaging inspection institute in Jiangsu Province, Yangzi Petrochemical has successfully ranked among the world's high-end manufacturers

with the rapid development of China's automobile industry, the industries supporting automobiles have also been rapidly promoted. Therefore, automotive plastic special materials have become one of the fastest-growing plastic varieties in recent years. In recent years, Yangzi Petrochemical has focused on the development and production of special automotive materials, and has successively developed special automotive interior trim materials and special automotive bumper materials. The two special automotive bumper materials ypj-1225c and ypc-1220c developed and produced by them have also been welcomed by the market

in 2007, aiming at producing high-end products and taking advantage of its advantages in plastic processing and application, Yangzi Petrochemical Co., Ltd. and Beijing Research Institute of chemical industry undertook the pilot study of 1000 ton polypropylene autoclave alloy funded by the national "863" plan. Both sides of the cooperation give full play to their respective advantages, deeply study the substructure design and other theories, find the corresponding relationship between molecular structure and product performance, develop polypropylene in kettle alloying preparation technology and green composite application technology with independent intellectual property rights, realize the large-scale production and application of high-performance polyolefins and their composites, and provide technical support for the recyclability of automotive polymer materials. The k-9015 special material for automobile bumper developed and produced by the project team using this technology is considered by the world automotive industry to be the trump card in the special material for automobile bumper

he Guoliang said that it is understood that this kind of special material changes the traditional production mode that the effective stroke of various tension machines widely used at present needs to be 480 ~ 690mm to ensure the normal experiment. Raw material proportioning and reprocessing, and waste is difficult to recycle. One kind of material can be directly used to process automobile bumpers, which is convenient for recycling and recycling. The rigidity and toughness advantages of products greatly surpass those of other brands. At present, Yangzi Petrochemical has completed the large-scale industrial production of this product, and the production technology has been mature and put into the market in batches. According to experts, if relying on this product, the upstream and downstream cooperate with general flexible packaging manufacturers to build a complete industrial chain of raw material supply, product processing and application by automobile manufacturers, it will greatly improve the quality of bumpers and make new contributions to the upgrading of China's automobile industry

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