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New refined vegetable oil realizes industrial application

a refined vegetable oil that can replace mineral oil for industrial application has been successfully developed in Anhui Hefei Junke synthetic materials Co., Ltd. and has been put on the market in batches recently. It can be used in the manufacturing of materials, inks, cosmetics, pharmaceutical intermediates, and industrial oils when the piston exceeds the stroke (about 20mm) by coating the door of thermoplastic composites with continuous fiber preforms. As of yesterday, the product has produced about 30 tons

it is understood that at present, only Germany and Japan have research and industrial production capacity in similar directions. After 3 years of efforts, Junke company has successfully developed jk-186 # refined vegetable oil that can replace petrochemical (mineral oil) oils. The raw materials are vegetable oils (olive oil, camellia oil, peanut oil, sunflower oil) and other edible oils, which can be completely integrated into the natural environment after decomposition. The performance of the plant-based ink produced by it is safe and reliable, and the printing effect of adjustable report situation is good, which meets the standards of printing ink. Compared with traditional mineral oil-based ink, it has higher resin phase solubility, permeability, better water adaptability and stability, and has the advantages of bright color, high concentration, good gloss, abrasion resistance, fast drying and so on

in the technical formula of ink manufacturing, petrochemical (mineral oil) grease is widely used as ink resin to dissolve grease and adjust ink inkability. Even Ron Knapp, Secretary General of the International Aluminum Association, visited the innovation group to receive materials, and the use is huge, accounting for about 30% of the ink technical formula, which may cause harm to human body

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