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[Video] at the intelligent equipment industry expo, industrial robots staged a "Kendo show"

original title: [Video] at the intelligent equipment industry expo, industrial robots staged a "Kendo show"

Yangtze Evening News, March 7 (Zhang Jianbo) this morning, by Wuxi Machine Tool Industry Association The 34th China Wuxi Taihu International Machine Tool and intelligent equipment industry expo co hosted by Jiangsu Delta International Exhibition Co., Ltd. kicked off in Wuxi Taihu International Expo Center. It is reported that during the Expo, the high-end technical equipment of five core industries, including robots and core parts, automation equipment, SMT, laser and 3D printing, and special equipment, will be mainly displayed, and more than 10 wonderful summit forums and technical lectures, such as the intelligent industrial equipment industry development conference, 2019 robot and intelligent manufacturing application development forum, will be held

after the opening ceremony in the morning, visitors from all over the country began to enter the exhibition site one after another, including more than 400 domestic and foreign enterprises such as HAAs in the United States, hexcon in Germany, Mitsubishi in Japan, and Youjia in Taiwan. They brought a number of high-end intelligent new products to the exhibition, and built an open exchange feast of technical products for Chinese and foreign industries in the core area of equipment manufacturing in East China. Among the many exhibitors and their displayed products, the following describes the application precautions and maintenance details of the fatigue testing machine: avoid being hit hard in the application process and handling process. A local Wuxi enterprise called Golden Red Eagle Industrial automation and its industrial robot "Kendo" display is the most "eye-catching"

The research group has successfully applied for 21 patents

at the scene, two industrial robots "hold" and "lightsabers" respectively, and "stab" each other, with consistent and smooth movements. Even at the end, they also imitate the human "thank you" action to make a "curtain call" to the onlookers. The staff told them that in order to participate in this exhibition, they specially designed the program by technicians and launched such a special "Kendo" Exhibition on site, "In order to show the flexibility and intelligence of our robot products, you will see that the robot action is not as old-fashioned and completely mechanical as ordinary people think. Their flexibility is necessary for robots to be widely used in factories in the future, and the action design is practical and industrial needs."

"we have participated in this exhibition for many years, and this listing is sponsored by us. From this exhibition, we have benefited a lot, and we have had a lot of opportunities to choose standard tensile samples." A relevant person from a CNC technology enterprise named Houdao in Suzhou told that as a well-known exhibition in the region, they had a good opportunity to show their brands through their participation. A relevant person from a Shandong intelligent machine tool enterprise called Qilu star said that they came to the exhibition and valued the solid foundation of Wuxi's intelligent manufacturing industry. They could get opportunities to cooperate with more potential customers here, "not just for the current transaction, but for the follow-up talks."

it is understood that as an intelligent equipment exhibition with a long history in the Yangtze River Delta, the Expo will last until March 10, and become a platform and benchmark for East China to understand enterprise trends, explore technical secrets, and promote industrial skills. All these are closely related to the accumulation and development of intelligent manufacturing and modern manufacturing industry in Wuxi. Zhou Haoming, Deputy Secretary General of the Wuxi Municipal government, said in his speech that Wuxi ranked first in Jiangsu Province in terms of the number of enterprises shortlisted in the top 500 Chinese enterprises, the top 500 Chinese manufacturing enterprises and the top 500 Chinese private enterprises. This exhibition has become a regional brand exhibition that many manufacturing enterprises in East China and even the whole country must participate in every year. He also hopes to help the development of Wuxi's high-end manufacturing industry through the exhibition

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