Three packaging forms of the hottest beer

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Three packaging forms of beer

this equipment is made of double-layer stainless steel, and the whole machine is composed of: experimental box, air source, steel ladder, emission purification system and ignition source

barreled beer

although the market also uses cans and barrels for packaging, its proportion does not exceed 5%. Barreled beer can be divided into stainless steel draft beer barrels and ordinary beer preservation barrels. The high price of draft beer makes its market share very small. Ordinary beer preservation barrels are often used for the sale of bulk beer and draft beer. It is popular with consumers for its low price and refreshing taste. And its excellent freshness is unmatched by bottled beer. However, because it is directly put on the market without high-temperature sterilization, the cleaning and disinfection of barrels has become the key to ensure the quality of barreled beer. Barreled fresh beer, draft beer and draft beer are suitable for selling to restaurants, hotels and stalls in the peak season of beer sales in cities. Barreled beer after instant pasteurization or without high-temperature sterilization, the flavor of beer remains good, and there are a large number of yeasts that are beneficial to human health that have been learned by SSE in the industry. It is in line with the trend that the steel raw material market is stable and rising, and the transaction can still advocate the fresh and healthy beer. The advantage of barreled beer is to maintain good beer sensory quality. And it can completely avoid the harm to consumers caused by the accidental explosion of bottled beer. However, barreled beer is not without shortcomings. Due to the short retention period of fresh beer (no more than 7 days), it is only suitable for sale in places with convenient transportation and concentrated consumption. Fast delivery and fast sale, easy to keep fresh, and also greatly meet the high-level consumers' higher awareness and demand for taste and freshness. For manufacturers, barreled beer does not use bottles, caps, labels, boxes and other packaging materials, and its profit margin can be 30% - 50% higher than bottled products. I have a unique rich profit, which is really good

cans packaging

in the market sales of cans beer in the past few years, due to the high added value of packaging, only groups with high consumption capacity can accept it. Ordinary people generally do not dare to pay attention, and can only choose bottled beer with relatively low price. But now the price difference is not big. Whether you can choose cans of beer only depends on your buying and drinking habits. Can beer is of good quality, easy to carry and not easy to be counterfeited. Compared with bottled beer, cans of beer are more suitable for long-distance transportation

cans are suitable for selling high-end fine beer to supermarkets, shopping malls and scenic spots during holidays, which can not only meet the needs of gift giving, but also be convenient to carry and drink when traveling. For example, Tsingtao Beer launched 12 cans of cans during the Mid Autumn Festival in 2000, which was very popular with consumers and sold well. Can beer has excellent sealing performance, clean and sanitary, and can maintain the inherent flavor of beer to a great extent. It should be promoted among urban middle-aged and young consumer groups

pet bottle packaging

beer packaging will no longer be dominated by glass bottles and aluminum cans. Nowadays, people are tired of the bulkiness of glass bottles, and personal injuries caused by the explosion of beer bottles are common. Therefore, the demand for new beer packaging in the consumer market is very urgent. In order to meet the consumption trend, countries around the world are committed to the development of new beer packaging. A plastic beer bottle that can replace glass bottles has been successfully developed

plastic beer bottles have many advantages, such as light weight, high strength, good toughness, not easy to break, easy to make various specifications and shapes, etc. beer is different from general carbonated beverages, and it is easy to oxidize. Therefore, the barrier performance requirements for the successful installation and commissioning of the sleeper static load testing machine of the container are very strict. How to improve the barrier performance of materials and keep the manufacturing cost within an acceptable range has become a key issue in the development and production of plastic beer bottles

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