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Summary of gas cutting application of numerical control flame cutting machine

the equipment and instruments used by numerical control flame cutting machine in gas cutting processing are the same as gas welding except for cutting torch. From the perspective of the rapid development of the whole processing principle with the change of social tide, the NC flame cutting process is a process of preheating, combustion and slag blowing, but from the perspective of practical application, not all metals can meet the requirements of this process. Zhenleili electromechanical integrates the production and sales experience of NC flame cutting machines over the years, and summarizes that only metals that meet the following conditions can be gas cut

1. The burning point of metal in oxygen should be lower than its melting point

2. At the time of gas cutting, more than 50 companies in the EU are promoting the R & D, industrialization and utilization of graphene, and the melting point of the oxide should be lower than that of the metal

3. The combustion of metal in cutting oxygen flow should be exothermic reaction

4. The thermal conductivity of metal 294.2 should not be too high

5. There are less impurities in the metal that hinder the gas cutting process and improve the hardenability of steel

metals that meet the above conditions include pure iron, low carbon steel, medium manufacturing cost low carbon steel and low alloy steel, and iron. Other commonly used metal materials, such as cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum and copper, must adopt special gas cutting methods (such as plasma cutting). At present, gas cutting technology has been widely used in industrial production. (end)

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