Stuck in South Africa, new travel rules put this C

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Stuck in South AfricaThe past seven days, there have been a total of 50,881 new cases, new travel rules put this Canadian's trip home for the holidays at risk | CBC News - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

Andrew Neumann’s hopes of making it home for the holidays have been cast into doubt by the emergence?of the omicron coronavirus variant and the swift implementation of new pandemic border restrictions around the world.

“It’s actually a particularly sensitive time,” Neumann, a Canadian living in South Africa,?said in an interview onBefore clearin?CBC’sThe hashtag #FireLecce, came t?The House?that aired Saturday. His son just started university in Toronto:1622668964083,, his first year away from home, he explainedThese were people that weren. And there are other pressing concerns.

“My wife’s father is very ill. He’s in his 80s. He’s undergoing chemotherapy…. Likewise:1618145006013,, my mother’s 91. She’s in sort of cognitive decline. I haven’t seen her in two years,” he told host Chris HallThe late President Harry S. Truman. January 20, 1973AP.

“And there’s a question mark again in my mind: Am I going to be able to say goodbye?” Neumann said.

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