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Turning waste into treasure the rum bottle made from waste turned out to be a collectable

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core tip: in January this year, when the Dutch creative agency Fitzroy saw that there was garbage everywhere on the beaches of the North Sea in the Netherlands, especially coca cola bottles, they thought of a good way to turn waste into treasure - to recycle these wastes, They were used to make a special rum

[China Packaging News] the crowded beaches are always polluted. Besides being thrown away, are there any better ways for those drink bottles scattered on the beach

in January this year, when Fitzroy, a Dutch creative agency, saw that garbage, especially coca cola bottles, was everywhere on the beaches of the North Sea in the Netherlands, they thought of a good way to turn garbage into treasure - to recycle these wastes and use them to make a special rum

Fitzroy, a creative agency headquartered in Amsterdam, always has a wild idea. They focus on helping start-ups or small and medium-sized enterprises to create a brand culture that can flexibly respond to the market, and emphasize that all good ideas must have both commercial and cultural success in terms of high-frequency experiments. We also wrote an interesting idea from Fitzroy before. They added the current network culture to the classical oil painting, and an old Dutch building built in the 18th century became a modern hotel

fitzroy named this rum Fitzroy Navy rum. This name does not represent the designer Fitzroy, but comes from Captain Robert Fitzroy. It was the three masted sailing ship "Beagle" commanded by him that led Darwin to the famous global expedition

fitzroy Navy rum combines Trinidad, Jamaica and Barbados, but what is really special is its packaging

in order to make consumers like this wine, but it is a flammable high molecular material, and can keep the wine bottle instead of throwing it away at will again. Fitzroy decided to make the bottle itself a kind of packaging instead of over packaging the bottle with label paper. This wine bottle is made of waste materials. It is the world's first truly sustainable alcoholic beverage packaging. All its sales profits will be donated to the Netherlands Beihai foundation for marine protection

fitzroy first gathered Coca Cola label papers scattered on the beach, melted them with a 510 horsepower bulldozer, and then pressed them to make bottle caps with marble texture. The bottle caps made in this way are different from each other. They have an unimaginable texture. People can't guess that they are made of Coca Cola label paper

then Fitzroy recycled a large number of glass bottles from the same beach. They just put a "from waste to waste" label on the wine bottle to fix the bottle body and cap, so that consumers can be more directly attracted by the fact that the EBITDA of the wine bottle and rum (excluding special items) is 2.011 billion euros. At the same time, they also send a message to them - choose this rum, Your consumption style can help solve the problems created by consumerism

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