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How to improve the style of small apartment space? Canoni customized home appearance & Storage coexists, making the small space play a new highlight

nowadays, people have a relatively broad definition of small houses. Due to the limitation of area, small houses are more difficult to decorate and space layout than ordinary houses. So if you want to improve the style of small house space, you should pay special attention to the storage, and the storage of small house mainly depends on multi-functional furniture. Do you know what kinds of customized furniture design are for small house? In order to help you have a further understanding of the design of customized furniture for small houses, canoni home customization introduces the meaning of customized furniture for the whole house in detail

tatami preferred

when designing and decorating customized furniture for a small family whole house, Yang tatami furniture is preferred. Yang yangmi in the bay window position can realize the design of teahouse, study, guest room, locker and multi-function. It not only adds the function of locker at the bottom, but also sets up a simple table that can be raised and lowered freely, which can be used as a guest room. It is economical and affordable and won't let you bear too much pressure. It can also be matched with a small bar, Create a small space for leisure and relaxation. The storage box looks cheap and practical. It is the favorite of small families. The small space can also play a new style and new highlights

customize the bedroom wardrobe

the bedroom at home must be decorated to make people look comfortable, economical and practical. For example, a bed, a wardrobe and a locker are placed in a bedroom, which makes the room crowded. It is not wrong that the room is small, but the fault is the unreasonable use of space. At this time, customize an embedded wardrobe for the bedroom, which is completely designed according to the house type. The wardrobe to the top does not waste an inch of space, Don't forget to let it stay there quietly. Don't move around, because the more you move, the more narrow the space becomes. The room looks neat and generous. This is the space that can make people completely relax. The room is too small to fit the desk when you get out of bed? Of course, you can also use the position of the bay window to combine the tatami, bookcase and desk, making full use of the recess and corners of the room. The corner desk combination design is used to make full use of the walls on the left and right sides, greatly enhancing the functionality, visually integrated, and avoiding the waste of space in the dead corners of the wall. The clever design turns the bed. When working, this is a study, It can also be a bedroom during rest

multifunctional cabinet in the living room

in the design of customized furniture for the whole house of small family, the living room is a focus of decoration. The monotonous living room has simple furniture matching. It is small family decoration that does not make full use of the living room space. Common problems occur. We know that the living room cabinet is mainly displayed as a TV cabinet, which can show the design of a variety of decorative cabinets. The customized designer of the whole house skillfully combines the TV cabinet with the tea area

form a unified whole, combined with a variety of practical functions, showing a very coordinated and unified state in the overall style. The overall customization can make the small space appear more coordinated, make the lines more smooth, show simplicity and improve the space taste, and make full use of the wall space, which greatly enhances the mood of the living room

the above is the design skills of customized furniture for small houses. Customized furniture for the whole house has many characteristics, such as humanization, personalization, fashion and so on




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