Wan Shida's five bad ideas when buying wooden door

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When buying wooden doors, some wrong ideas are not very desirable, so it is unlikely to buy real good doors. Next, Wanshida will show you some ideas that you can't buy wooden doors

we all hope to buy wooden doors with high quality and high cost performance. However, the quality of wooden doors will affect our daily use or affect the service life of wooden doors, so people pay more attention to them when purchasing doors, but some wrong ideas are not very necessary when purchasing wooden doors, so it is unlikely to buy real good doors, Next, Wanshida will show you some ideas that you should not buy wooden doors

1. The heavier the solid wood door is, the better

this is a human's perceptual thinking. A wooden door, the surface is all wood, and you can't see the inside. How can you be sure that it is completely solid wood? For example, shaving board, because it is made with a lot of adhesives, it is heavier than many solid wood boards at last

2. Wooden doors can't have color difference

some people don't allow wooden doors to have a little color difference when buying wooden doors. This is inevitable for many times, such as: different factory batches lead to different colors; Different parts of solid wood bark, different ages of wood, different colors of cut patterns, and so on

3. Buy cheap wooden doors

of course, this is applicable to many goods. Cheap goods are not good goods. People can only see the surface of wooden doors, and they can't judge the situation inside, so buying cheap is risky

4. Judge the material of the door core through the hole reserved in the door lock

for the door core, many consumers will also think about the material. Some people will judge the core material through the hole reserved in the door lock, but this is inaccurate, because the strength of the lock reserved will be strengthened when the wooden door is made, and the use of good materials and good technology, what you see is only a corner

5. Solid wood doors are the best

I believe this view is the idea of most people, because today, with more and more attention to nature, solid wood doors are naturally sought after because they are all solid wood. However, in fact, solid wood doors are not stable and are more deformable than other doors. On the contrary, some solid wood composite doors have much better performance than solid wood doors

raw wood door refers to the wooden door processed and made from selected natural wood. It is the most pure material and the most environmentally friendly wooden door. Therefore, if you want to buy the most environmentally friendly and best quality wooden door, you need to spend a little more price to buy the raw wood door




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