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With regard to decoration, it can be said to be unpalatable for consumers, who have more or less encountered a lot of trouble in the decoration process. So what should consumers pay attention to when purchasing aluminum alloy doors and windows

I. purchase of standard shopping malls

for the partial economic benefits of berth rental, a single shopping mall recruited individuals and self-employed businesses without aluminum alloy door and window production licenses to sell aluminum alloy doors and windows. Without quality promises and after-sales service assurance, the shopping mall served as the "umbrella" of unqualified aluminum alloy doors and windows. Remind consumers to go to the standard building materials market or brand businesses on the standard website to choose aluminum alloy doors and windows

II. Pay attention to the inspection document

the quality inspection statement is not the original, or the copy does not have the red seal recognized by the quality inspection part. Remind consumers that as long as the statement of commodity quality inspection is useful in this batch, the statement of quality inspection in the industry within half a year is usually regarded as useful. Some aluminum alloy door and window dealers hang false certificates of honor in the store to raise their status. Remind consumers that it depends not only on the organization of the certificate issuing unit, but also on the quality of goods

III. be careful about the function of aluminum alloy doors and windows

some aluminum alloy door and window production companies and dealers unilaterally exaggerate the function of commodities, and hype that aluminum alloy doors and windows can be waterproof, insect proof, antibacterial, fireproof, green environmental protection, fitness and other content. Remind consumers to ask dealers to write the promised contents into the sales contract, so that they can protect their rights in the future

IV. admit whether it is the standard

to fake imported goods with domestic goods, fake famous brand goods with general goods, and even use inferior products as qualified products. Import goods should see the import declaration form, and qualified goods should see the quality inspection statement

v. beware of "after-sales"

door-to-door delivery is only delivered to the gate. There is a charge for entering the hospital, and there is a floor charge for going upstairs; It is called free maintenance of aluminum alloy doors and windows. In fact, it sells aluminum alloy door and window wax and aluminum alloy door and window oil essence. Remind consumers to understand the detailed terms and conditions of the contract when purchasing, and pay attention to the charging and free scale. Aluminum alloy doors and windows production companies or dealers recruit non-standard installers to save money

in addition, some overlord clauses are concluded with non-standard contracts. For example, some dealers promise to "return goods within 30 days", but they do not state in the contract that the refund of the deposit is still the full refund of the purchase price. Remind consumers to pay attention to the contents of various terms when signing contracts with dealers, and do not sign and pay blindly




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