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Xinhaoxuan doors and windows are made of newly upgraded bridge broken aluminum profiles, matched with LOW-E hollow sound insulation glass, environmental protection sealing and heat insulation strips, and imported hardware accessories. They are perfectly matched to improve the heat insulation performance of the house, high efficiency and energy conservation, and scientific consumption reduction

energy saving

quality doors and windows ・ energy saving and consumption reduction


quality doors and windows

are you:

in summer, the air conditioner must be on all night to have a good sleep

in winter, do you feel cool in the room

household energy consumption has become a cost that cannot be underestimated

this may be:

home doors and windows are "heat permeable" and "air leakage",

doors and windows are not well sealed and insulated,

How can money be saved

according to the data, among the three major energy consumption in society,

building energy consumption accounts for more than 40% of the total energy consumption,

while the energy consumption lost through doors and windows accounts for more than 50% of the building energy consumption,

ignores the quality of doors and windows,

makes doors and windows become a big "funnel" of building energy conservation,

at the same time, it has also become a "black hole" of the energy consumption cost of residents' household electricity,

this means that reducing the energy consumption of doors and windows plays an important role in achieving energy conservation

In recent years, the government has advocated green buildings, vigorously promoted resource conservation and recycling, and the popularization of energy-saving doors and windows will become an inevitable trend of market development

however, the vast majority of doors and windows in China are non energy-saving ordinary door and window products,

energy-saving doors and windows account for only 0.4% of the total number of doors and windows,

while in Europe, the proportion of doors and windows using high-end energy-saving systems has reached 67% of the total number of doors and windows

therefore, enterprises must improve the R & D capability of door and window systems, and vigorously promote the application of high-quality, high-performance energy-saving doors and windows

energy saving and consumption reduction in home life

green living environment

start with the selection of high-quality doors and windows

Xinhaoxuan ・ our quiet doors and windows

energy saving

efficient energy saving and scientific consumption reduction

Xinhaoxuan doors and windows, using newly upgraded bridge broken aluminum profiles, combined with LOW-E hollow sound insulating glass, environmental protection sealing and heat insulating strips, imported hardware accessories, perfect cooperation, improve the heat insulation performance of the house, so that air conditioners The energy consumption of heating, ventilation and other equipment is greatly reduced, efficient and energy-saving, and scientific consumption reduction

sealing performance

good sealing, superior performance

Xinhaoxuan doors and windows, scientific and reasonable sealing system, EPDM foam composite adhesive strip, multi-channel sealing, multi-layer protection, stable and lasting sealing performance, comprehensive waterproof and dustproof, and superior sound insulation performance. Combined with the independently designed hidden drainage system, it ensures that the sealing performance of products reaches the high-quality level of the industry

acquire appearance

exquisite appearance and fine workmanship

Xinhaoxuan doors and windows, aluminum profiles have excellent surface treatment technology, excellent weather resistance, can avoid the erosion of sunlight and rain, and will last for a long time. At the same time, doors and windows are carefully assembled, firmly connected, flat and smooth, craftsman level workmanship, and the details of splicing corners are kept improving to ensure the quality of international Seiko

it has exquisite appearance, smooth lines, smooth push and pull, diverse styles and complete categories. It has a full range of household door and window products such as aluminum alloy doors and windows, wooden doors, sunshine rooms, stainless steel explosion-proof doors, and a variety of styles such as modern simplicity, new Chinese classicism, European luxury, idyllic freshness, Mediterranean style, which can match various architectural styles and better meet the personalized customization needs of post-80s and 90s mainstream consumers, It is specially made for fashionable people who pursue life aesthetics

quiet protection

sound insulation, heat insulation, quiet guarding

in terms of sound insulation and noise prevention, Xinhaoxuan doors and windows adopt international advanced structural design concepts and production technology to create a household door and window system with excellent sound insulation performance. At the same time, the weather resistance and durability are comprehensively improved. 100000 repeated opening and closing tests are still quiet, smooth, reliable and durable

in the design of doors and windows, it also adapts to local conditions, and carries out product design based on high quality and low energy consumption according to the characteristics of user area, climate, building type, energy structure, indoor environmental requirements and living and working habits

Xinhaoxuan doors and windows, our quiet doors and windows, practice the concept of green home life, pool the strength of intelligent environmental protection technology, and create silent energy-saving technology doors and windows with excellent performance, such as windproof, waterproof and compression resistance, heat insulation and noise reduction, energy conservation, anti-theft, anti-collision and fall prevention, to provide you with personalized customized services and eternal quiet protection




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