House decoration problems Feng Shui

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What kind of house depends on Feng Shui, and if you don't look at Feng Shui to decorate, it's easy to have problems. What are the problems of Feng Shui in decorating the house? Let's have a look

house decoration problems Feng Shui

how to view Feng Shui, house decoration problems

in the feng shui of house decoration, two doors are opposite or partial to each other, forming “ Door rush ”. The balcony door facing the door of other rooms is also included. The method to resolve the door flush is very simple. Only a hemispherical stainless steel decorative nail with a diameter of 4 cm needs to be installed on the door

if the distance between the two doors is far, you can put a few pots of plants in the middle

the concept of Feng Shui in house decoration has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, which makes Feng Shui in house decoration very popular. Understanding the geomancy of house decoration is one of the preliminary preparations for house decoration

Feng Shui has a basic rule to distinguish Yin and Yang images in the decoration of houses: two opposite sides can form a complete corresponding whole. Then the next work is to distinguish which side of the whole is a positive substance, and the remaining one is a negative substance

if there are roads or rivers in the south of the house and other buildings in the north, the family members who can make money in this house must be the second in line. In other words, people who are male or zodiac animals are rats and horses. If there is a road or river in the north of the house and a house in the south, then the family members who can make money in the house must be the third, followed by the people who are the old man or the zodiac animal is the cow, tiger, dragon, snake, sheep, monkey, dog and pig, while the second or the zodiac animal is the rat and horse, everything must be bad

Feng Shui believes that if you live in the easternmost house in the community, and there is a north-south road in the East, then residents need to pay more attention to the relationship between husband and wife. On weekdays, we must communicate more, otherwise it will easily lead to contradictions and the breakdown of the relationship between husband and wife

if the toilet is located in the due north of the house, then residents must pay attention to heart, kidney function, blood pressure and other problems

if the kitchen is located in the northeast of the house, the residents are likely to cause diseases in the spleen, stomach, bones, or brain nerves. If it is in the northwest of the house, residents should eat less greasy meat and more vegetables on weekdays, so as to avoid the occurrence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

decorating a house depends on the stress of Feng Shui

1) Feng Shui layout, we should reasonably arrange the auspicious and inauspicious directions in the home

the layout of many houses is not very reasonable, often wasting auspicious positions, so that the auspicious aura of wealth, officials, longevity, happiness and so on can not play a full role, which is worth mentioning. However, the problem is that the master bedroom and living room, which are most closely related to the fate of the family, are designed in the position of great evil, making the unlucky aura of lonely stars, sad stars, five ghost stars and so on become the main melody of home feng shui, which is a big mistake

in this case, it is easy to have an adverse impact on all aspects of the family's fortunes, and the most serious may even cause family illness, injury, family disintegration and other tragedies

this requires feng shui masters to conduct on-the-spot investigation, rearrange their homes, make rational use of auspicious positions and avoid ominous positions; And according to the analysis of the eight characters of the residents' birthday, determine the most suitable room for everyone to live in, so that Feng Shui can become a bonus for the residents' good luck

2) use decorative means to resolve Feng Shui evil spirit

Feng Shui taboos commonly seen in home feng shui, such as beam coping and hall evil spirit, can be adjusted during decoration according to the suggestions of feng shui masters

1. Hall brake

hall brake refers to the entrance door and window (or balcony) are transparent in front and back, there is no barrier in the middle, and the air flow directly passes through the hall. There is a special saying: "e; Before and after, people and money are empty& quot;, Not only do not gather money, but also because of the wind blowing through the hall, it is easy to get sick

solution: on the one hand, use screens or porches to separate, on the other hand, use professional chemical evil things to resolve

2. Beam capping

because of the structural needs of modern buildings, there are often more beams on the roof. If the beam is located on the bed, sofa, coffee table, dining table and desk, it is easy to increase the long-term pressure of the residents, and it is difficult to reach the goal

during decoration, the following methods can be adopted: if the floor is high, false ceiling can be used, which is the method of shielding in geomancy. Or wrap the beam to form a circle or arch, which is called "e in Feng Shui; Chemical method "e;. (guidaye Feng Shui

What are the taboos of decorating the house and living room feng shui

it is not suitable to have vacation plants in the house

it is common that some families like to place fake flowers and grass in the living room. Although it seems to be pleasing to the eye, it is actually easy to bring serious peach blossom or marriage problems to the male and female owners; Moreover, it is easier to bring obstacles to the marriage of unmarried members of the family; It is easy to lead to false feelings or bad luck, and even affect the financial fortunes of family members, make people misjudge investment and financial management, and cause the phenomenon of poor financial fortunes

images of beasts in the living room should not be hung randomly

auspicious beasts such as cranes, Phoenix, unicorns, turtles and so on are generally not taboos in the living room. However, if dragons, tigers, eagles, foxes, bears and other beasts are hung, special attention should be paid to that their heads must face outward to form a guard pattern, and the heads of beasts must not face inward, otherwise it will bring bad luck of disease or unexpected disasters

the living room should not be full of bones, furniture or sundries: if the living room is full of bones, furniture or sundries, it is easy to affect the health of the family, make people's blood blocked, health decline, everything is not going well, and even strange things and visions are rampant, losing the stability of the family's health

negative photos should not be hung in the living room

some families like to hang photos of the love between husband and wife on the living room, but they don't know that they have committed a Feng Shui taboo. Except for special circumstances, generally hanging negative photos in the living room will not only seriously affect the prosperity of family career, but even the husband and wife fight each other and make efforts to become empty




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