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If the details determine the success or failure of an enterprise, the brand can control the development of an enterprise. In 2014, Ogilvy will comprehensively rectify and upgrade the "Bailian" and "Ogilvy" franchised stores, expand the influence of Qihang stores, launch a new series of raw wood doors, and deepen and improve the whole wood home

home hotline: Hello, what gratifying achievements did your company achieve last year? How did you do it

president ou: since its establishment in 2001, ougeely has been developing steadily, and 2013 is a key year for ougeely. Because in this year, we successfully completed the industrial transformation and upgrading, and successfully upgraded from the previous fine single wooden door industry to the current diversified industries such as wooden door, home decoration and home furnishing, industry and trade, and real estate. It can be said that 2013 was the most successful year for all brands of ogily enterprise group to be comprehensively upgraded

there are three main reasons why we can achieve these gratifying achievements. 1、 Senior international training institutions have been hired with high salary. After more than three months of management rectification, the scientific production management system has been improved, and the production process monitoring of each process has been strengthened to the greatest extent; 2、 Adjust the sales policy, increase support and training, and expand the development of more than 200 franchised stores and dealers throughout the year, with sales increased by 38% year-on-year compared with 2012; 3、 Add highly qualified design and development professionals. At present, all products, including the new imported log series, have been upgraded by the end of the year and have begun to be put on the market

Ouyang Jinxiang home hotline, chairman of Zhongshan oujili Sanhai door industry Co., Ltd.: we are concerned that your company has created two brands, "oujili" and "Bailian". Please talk about the positioning of these two brands and their respective advantages

president ou: ougeely enterprises have always had two brands, "ougeely" and "Bailian". Their positioning is based on the medium and high-end route of the market, and they are two main brands that go hand in hand. In the future development, "Bailian" will be the main brand of wooden doors, and all "Bailian" operations are carried out around the industrial promotion and promotion of wooden doors; In addition to wooden doors, "oujili" is also a brand for the development of home decoration, home accessories, industry and trade, real estate and other industries. For these two brands, the company will adhere to the principle of "equal treatment, common development and common improvement" and change to the industrialization of the group, but it can also be said that these two brands will be unique and have their own advantages in the future

home hotline: what efforts have you made in product innovation

Mr. ou: in terms of product improvement and innovation, we never care about the cost investment, and we are completely committed to consumer satisfaction. As long as it is beneficial to production and products, we all keep in mind the saying "only when we pay can we gain". In 2013, we invested more than 2 million in purchasing new equipment alone; In terms of material selection, we choose imported wood, because we want to make the best products. In addition, while developing high-end new products, we also upgraded all existing products, ranging from material technology to Gonghua lines. These efforts we have made have also determined that oujili wooden door on the market in 2014 will be a new, high-level and cost-effective product

home hotline: what are your plans for investment promotion this year? What do you think are the specific advantages of your company in attracting investment

Mr. ou: if details determine the success or failure of an enterprise, the brand can control the development of an enterprise. In 2014, Ogilvy will comprehensively rectify and upgrade the "Bailian" and "Ogilvy" franchised stores, expand the influence of Qihang stores, launch a new series of raw wood doors, and deepen and improve the concept of whole wood home decoration

for investment customers, excellent ones will be rewarded, and professional ones will be strongly supported. Our slogan is: opening a store will make a profit! If you want to develop in the door building materials market, you only need to find us, and the rest will be handed over to us to help you. Because all products of ogily adhere to the route of market brand differentiation and characterization, we pay more attention to quality, details, training and service. In a word, oujili people never shout slogans. It can be said that our investment attraction advantages are embodied in our practical actions

home hotline: new year and new opportunities. What is your company's strategic deployment in 2014

president ou: now that 2014 has entered, we will vigorously strengthen internal management and adhere to the route of brand industrialization. In the new year, we will do better than before. To this end, we have made the following four aspects of deployment:

first, "Bailian" and "ougeely" simultaneously launched the bargain group purchase activity of hundreds of cities and thousands of stores to give more benefits to consumers

second, jointly with Zhongshan dinggu group, establish Zhongshan wooden door production base, and work together with all wooden door production enterprises in Zhongshan to achieve the goal of "Zhongshan door, China door" of Zhongshan door association

third, after participating in the fifth Guangzhou door industry expo in March this year, we will launch the "tour exhibition of exclusive stores in the city center", so that consumers can experience our professional services and enjoy the benefits we bring at home

fourth, improve online sales, increase online and offline brand marketing investment, and increase the service guidance team, so that "Bailian" and "ogily" can truly enter the hearts of every consumer, and win greater public praise for the diversified development of our brand





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