Turkey shot down a Russian Soviet

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Turkey shot down a Russian Soviet Union

Russian flight chart

Turkey released radar details. The red line is Su 24. Blue is the border

latest news: Turkey announced the flight route of the Russian military aircraft shot down

according to foreign media reports, the Turkish military has just announced the radar track of the Russian military aircraft shot down. In addition, Putin's spokesman Peskov said that Turkey's shooting down of the Russian military aircraft is a "very serious incident", but it should not draw a conclusion without comprehensive information at present. The Russian Defense Ministry said that Russian military aircraft did not enter Turkish airspace

Reuters: a Russian pilot has died

a video sent to Reuters by an opposition armed group in Northeast Syria seems to show that the Russian pilot fell to the ground and was seriously injured. An official of the armed group said that the pilot had died

the Kremlin: the incident is extremely serious

the Kremlin spokesman said that the shooting down of a Russian fighter plane in Syria was an "extremely serious incident", but it is too early to draw a conclusion

NATO will issue a statement on the crash of Russian military aircraft in Syria Brussels, November 24 - NATO told RIA Novosti that it will issue a statement on the crash of Russian military aircraft in Syria in the near future

the Ministry of national defense reported that "a SU-24 fighter plane of the Russian flight brigade in Syria crashed in Syria today and is suspected to have been shot down by ground weapons."

the Ministry of national defense also said: "the aircraft was at an altitude of 6000 meters, and the whereabouts of the pilot are being confirmed. Preliminary information shows that the pilot successfully ejected and escaped. In addition, the crash of the Russian fighter and its color changing with the thickness of the film is also being further investigated. The Ministry of national defense pointed out that the fighter flew in Syria throughout the whole process, as evidenced by objective monitoring equipment."

the Russian Ministry of defense denied that the SU-24 fighter plane had crossed the border

the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that the SU-24 aircraft that had fallen in Syria had previously flown entirely in Syria. The Russian Defense Ministry also said that the SU-24 fighter plane did not violate Turkish airspace. The pilot has escaped, but his whereabouts are unknown. A Turkish military official said that the plane had been warned before it was locked by the Turkish military and other companies followed suit. Turkish media said the plane was suspected of violating Turkish airspace

Turkish President: the Russian military aircraft violated Turkish airspace and was shot down in accordance with the rules

according to Agence France Presse on November 24, the Turkish President believed that the Russian fighter aircraft shot down by Turkey had violated Turkish airspace. "The shooting down of 24 Russian Soviet aircraft was in accordance with the rules because it violated Turkish airspace."

Turkey: 10 warnings in five minutes

Turkey said that the downed fighter plane received 10 warnings in five minutes. F16 fighter intervened after warning. The Russian Defense Ministry has confirmed that the plane was shot down, and it is not known whether the pilot survived

summary of earlier news:

according to Turkish television, the fighter plane caught fire and crashed, and the associate professor and doctoral advisor were shot down by Turkey for violating Turkish airspace. The pilot of the military plane that crashed in Syria ejected and escaped

earlier, according to the report of Turkish television haberturk TV quoted by Reuters, an unidentified military aircraft crashed near the border of Turkey, a frequently used equipment for quality inspection in scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, and relevant factories and mines in Syria. The television station did not report the type and country of the aircraft

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