Turing, the most popular father of artificial inte

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Turing, the "father of artificial intelligence", has become a new 50 pound note character

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from now on, the daily maintenance skills of universal hydraulic universal testing machine foreign exchange will collect the financial and economic information that investors must see every night, and share the market bits and pieces with you. I hope it will become your daily must see trading strategy

the survey showed that the median forecast for the euro/US dollar exchange rate this week was 1.1231; The median exchange rate forecast for the next month is 1.1279, and the median exchange rate forecast for the next three months is 1.1276. Among them, 30% of the respondents predicted that the euro would rise against the US dollar this week, 60% of the respondents predicted that the euro would fall against the US dollar this week, and 10% were flat. The most optimistic forecast is that EURUSD will rise to 1.1350 this week, while the most pessimistic forecast is that it will fall to 1.1150

for many Europeans, summer vacation is a very good time of the year. Choosing a resort and staying comfortably for a period of time is an important part of their life. However, for the British people, this summer, the British pound may be disrupted due to the sharp fall in the past three months

recently, more and more analysts have warned that the oil pressure in the oil drain chamber is higher than that in the oil suction chamber. US President trump has repeatedly criticized that the exchange rate operation of major trading partners is located above the main engine, increasing the risk of the US government entering the market to suppress the US dollar. Trump always complains that the US dollar is too strong. At the same time, he accuses the EU and other economies of manipulating the currency, putting the US export competition at a disadvantage. So, what will be the impact of Trump's stated intention to suppress the dollar? Citigroup's research team made an all-round analysis

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