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Trump wants to "return the American manufacturing industry". Let's see what the "flying brother" of the American lamp industry says

in recent years, the demand for LED lighting products in the U.S. market has shown a sustained and rapid growth trend. As far as China is concerned, the United States is the largest exporter and has always been a market for LED lighting export enterprises to "love hate"

as we all know, the North American market has been the gold digger for Chinese led enterprises. The left side of the figure above shows the microscopic morphology of materials inspected under the scanning electron microscope. The U.S. market is the largest overseas market for Chinese enterprises, comparable to the whole Europe

however, the high access conditions and technical barriers in the United States have deterred many Chinese led enterprises that want to "dig for gold" in North America

on november9,2016, Republican presidential candidate donaldtrump was elected the 58th president of the United States. In terms of his attitude towards China, trump said that "the imposition of tariffs of up to 45% on goods imported from China" has a great impact on China's LED, causing more uncertainties in China US bilateral trade exports

therefore, for the LED lighting industry, the export situation of export enterprises is even more uncertain

on January, 2017, the 2016 senior engineer led annual conference and Golden Globe award ceremony with the theme of "looking for the future of LED" will be grandly held in Shenzhen. In the special session of the closing ceremony titled by mullinson with the theme of "the future road of LED", Randy Reid, known as "the flying brother of the American lamp industry", will produce noise and make a professional interpretation with the theme of "trump 'the return of American manufacturing' revives American lamp enterprises"

in fact, trump criticized China on trade issues many times during the election campaign, saying that "China uses the United States as a piggy bank" and "robs American jobs". In this regard, trump will allow enterprises to bring back the funds stranded overseas to the United States and pay a one-time tax at the tax rate of 10%. In other words, under the trump policy, the OEM industry of American enterprises may be transferred to the United States

as we all know, China is the largest manufacturing country in the world. In terms of LED industry, American Kerui, Ge lighting and other enterprises have production bases in China. Once American led enterprises transfer their production and processing industries to the United States, it will directly lead to the increase of China's unemployment rate, and will further intensify the competition between Chinese led enterprises and American led enterprises in the North American market

in fact, in the first half of 2016, the total export volume of the lighting appliance industry was 17.65 billion US dollars, a decrease of 14.1% compared with the same period last year, which was the first negative growth in the industry in the past five years

on August 10 this year, UPS also issued a reminder in the Research Report of the white paper 2016 on "excellent and strong made in China" enterprises. The white paper shows that the overall economic assessment of China's export manufacturing enterprises is less optimistic than that of the previous year. Chinese export manufacturing enterprises are facing challenges on both sides of supply and demand. The two most frequently mentioned challenges are "on the other hand, domestic enterprises have experienced rapid industrial development in China in recent years, the fierce competition between them and the declining demand of domestic customers"

in contrast, the LED lighting industry is facing a different situation. On the one hand, the overseas market demand is still in the growth cycle, especially in North America, Southeast Asia and Europe. On the other hand, the price war has spread from domestic to overseas

in a word, the U.S. market is the largest lighting market in the world, which is indeed full of temptations for many led enterprises. However, in order to enter the American market, the characterization parameters describing the mechanical properties of metal materials are facing a severe test

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