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Tosk will provide Turkey europap tezol paper company with a leading 2.2s household paper production line

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europap tezol I know that when the high and low temperature test chamber is used for a long time, the paper company will increase the output of its comprehensive production base in Mersin, Turkey through the installation of a tosk leading 2.2s toilet paper machine. This is the repurchase order that TOSCO obtained from the company. In 2012, tosk installed a tosk steel yankee cylinder in the plant with a PM1 installation of about 300 (400) yuan per ton. This new production line will be put into operation in the middle of 2022

the leading 2.2s toilet paper machine has a net width of 2920mm, a maximum running speed of 2100m/min, and an annual output of more than 40000 tons. The paper machine is equipped with an upgraded tosk next generation shoe press, a third generation tosk steel yankee cylinder, a tosk high thickness paper reeler that maintains the best loose thickness and softness of the paper, and a high-efficiency tosk hood with an automatic balance system

the scope of supply includes the complete slurry preparation system and the tosk patented short-circuit flow system equipped with double dilution water system to ensure the reduction of power consumption. The scope of supply also includes tosk's proprietary distributed control system, electrical and air systems, dust removal and demisting systems, and two optima rewinding and slitting machines equipped with automatic shaft pullers. Tosk provides a complete service package, including detailed engineering design, installation guidance, commissioning, training and startup support

about europap tezol Paper Co., Ltd.

europap tezol was founded in 2004. It is one of the major manufacturers in the Turkish household paper market. In izz, Turkey, the machine has compact structure, elegant appearance and strong performance. Mill and Mersin have two integrated plants with post-processing production lines, with an annual output of 100000 tons. The company distributes its branded products and out of home products including wipes, napkins, toilet paper and toilet paper in Turkey, Europe, the Middle East, Russia, Southeast Asia and Latin America

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