Turkish peak dance of XCMG rotary drilling rig

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At the end of 2013, the president of ozmak, a local Turkish agent, pointed to a map and told the technicians of XCMG basic engineering machinery company that XCMG rotary drilling rig had surpassed a well-known brand of rotary drilling rig in Turkey, and XCMG gold had spread all over almost all provinces of Turkey, Obtain No.1 of market share. Our technicians are full of excitement and pride. In Turkey, which is dominated by European high-end brands, XCMG rotary drilling rig finally began its peak dance

At the turkey Exhibition on May 7, XCMG's rotary drilling rig reaped 5million dollars

coincidentally, the first XCMG rotary drilling rig successfully entered Turkey

in March 2012, XCMG foundation welcomed a group of dealer friends from Turkey. At that time, director Zhang of the Piling Machinery Research Institute warmly received them and took them to visit the company's finished product warehouse of rotary drilling rig. In the finished product warehouse, the drilling rigs with complete models are neatly arrayed and magnificent. The guests asked and nodded in admiration as they visited. When we came to the xrs1050 rotary drilling rig, the construction expert from Turkey stopped. He asked director Zhang: "we really need a rotary drilling rig with a large triangle luffing structure of about 30 tons and a winch pressurization system, just like this one. Is there such a model now?" "We don't have such a model at present. If Turkey needs it, we can deliver a prototype at the end of October. By the way, please visit XCMG's Shanghai BMW exhibition." At the end of the visit, Turkish friends unexpectedly said that they could purchase an xr220d rotary drilling rig to try. Such a small episode made the sales of an xr220d rotary drilling rig come to a perfect end. After seeing off the Turkish friends, the development of xr320d rotary drilling rig started immediately, fully investigated and understood the user's needs, and converted the user's needs into detailed design parameters. We all know that in a mature market, timeliness is very important, and we must complete the prototype trial production in November

at the same time, the first xr220d rotary drilling rig exported to Turkey is being inspected by Turkish users on the construction site. The overall performance of the equipment is relatively stable, which has been recognized by the construction company. However, due to the difference of construction conditions, many "acclimatized" problems have occurred in the equipment: the driving body of power head casing is broken, the pressurization winch cannot be locked, the pressurization speed is slow, and other problems that have not occurred in China, such as parallel interface and serial interface. For this reason, XCMG foundation immediately set up a special quality shock team to make rapid planning, such as in-depth analysis of PTFE weaving processing, bringing technical solutions, rushing to the construction site, sticking to the hot sun for more than a month, and finally solving this series of problems; Turks with a solid industrial foundation are also deeply moved by the precision and professionalism of Chinese workers. When XCMG rotary drilling rig completed all the pile foundation works of a high-rise building in Turkey on schedule, they found that the construction efficiency and timeliness of XCMG rotary drilling rig were really good, and XCMG's unique single row rope technology also reduced the material consumption in the process

nowadays, with the application and improvement of new equipment, XCMG rotary drilling rig has been pushed forward. After the technicians of chuliuchengyin

company in Turkey returned home, combined with the construction conditions and market feedback in Turkey, the adaptability of the original products has been upgraded and improved, and a xr220d II rotary drilling rig completely suitable for Turkey's market has been produced

in November, 2012, dealers and friends from Turkey attended BMW Shanghai exhibition as promised and came to XCMG foundation again. This time, the company showed them two rotary drilling rig products, one is their dream xr320d rotary drilling rig, and the other is xr220d II rotary drilling rig. Two products were launched in seven months, which shocked foreign friends and showed them XCMG's sincerity and strength

2013, the company has established a benign interaction mechanism with Turkish dealers, who regularly communicate with the company and bring demand from the Turkish market; The company has also sent technical support personnel to the Turkish market for many times to understand the use of drilling rigs and deal with on-site problems. According to the feedback information, the company has successively improved the pipe laying mode, rope winding mode, goose head swing angle, and increased outriggers of the rotary drilling rig, so as to further improve the adaptability of the rig in the Turkish market. So far, a number of xr220d Ⅱ, xr320d and xr280d Ⅱ rotary drilling rigs have been constructed in Turkey. The full series of rotary drilling rigs from small to large have been developed in full accordance with the needs of the Turkish market to meet its special construction needs, and won a foothold in the Turkish market where European high-end brands gather. Since then, relying on the good reputation of XCMG rotary drilling rig and the promotion of Turkish dealers, more and more users have known, selected and recognized XCMG; Soon XCMG's rotary drilling rig defeated a well-known brand of foreign counterparts in Turkey, and achieved the most impressive performance in terms of market share

in mid May 2015, XCMG's "two drilling" products broke out at the highly influential Turkish Construction Machinery Technology Exhibition (komatek) in the European construction machinery industry. The three rotary drilling rigs and one horizontal directional drilling rig on display were upgraded and improved according to the local construction conditions. The product performance and price have advantages, which are favored by foreign users. Seven sets of rotary drilling rigs were sold at the exhibition site 1 set of horizontal directional drilling rig. This turkey Exhibition (komatek) added icing on the cake for XCMG foundation in the Turkish market, caused a great sensation in the local market, and laid a solid foundation for entering the broader market of the EU

innovation surpasses XCMG's rotary drilling rig and leads the industry's flagship pioneer

in 2013, when XCMG's rotary drilling rig danced heartily in Turkey, its performance in the domestic market also impressed its peers, leaping to the first place in the domestic market share, especially the large tonnage rotary drilling rig, which introduced three new materials including DuPont Hytrel thermoplastic elastomer, DuPont Zytel nylon and DuPont Surlyn ionomer, accounting for half of the domestic market, The market share is as high as 60%. Exploring the two "firsts" at home and abroad stems from the adaptability improvement of products driven by XCMG's basic technological innovation. Through the market promotion of the research results of construction methods in China, local achievements have been continuously expanded, and the structural adjustment of industries and regions has been promoted. Research on the construction method of complex strata will push the rotary drilling rig from the northern market to the southwest; Promote the technological innovation of large tonnage products with the promotion of the research on rock entry method of rotary drilling rig; The company has carried out research on key technologies such as special chassis, large triangle working mechanism and new rock entry power head of rotary drilling rig, improved the series type spectrum, improved the market competitiveness of D series rotary drilling rig, accelerated the improvement of "three modernizations" level, achieved universality, standardization and modularization in the design and selection of parts and components, far ahead of peers, and occupied the highest point of rotary drilling rig technology. When the country proposed the "the Belt and Road" strategy, XCMG foundation made targeted improvements to XCMG XR series rotary drilling rigs and XZ series horizontal directional drilling rigs for the important countries along the "the Belt and Road" strategy, strictly implemented the EU CE standard, and obtained the pass to enter the European market - ce qualification certificate

at the economic work conference of XCMG group in 2015, chairman Wang Min put forward the strategic requirement of "becoming the world's first brand" for XCMG rotary drilling rig. XCMG foundation will set sail with Turkey as a bridgehead to enter the international market of the European Union and pursue internationalization and world-class dreams

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