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Just after the Spring Festival, Jiangsu hailun Chemical Co., Ltd. sent the banner to Shengu group. Bian Huiliang, general manager of Helen company, said that SGG has completed the "turnkey project" of the first large-scale Pt mechanics laboratory a air compressor unit in China with high quality, marking that the domestic PTA unit with an annual output of 1.2 million tons has reached the international advanced level

according to the on-site information from Jiangsu hailun Chemical Co., Ltd., the air compressor unit of this project is composed of steam turbine, air compressor and tail gas expander. It is supplied in an integrated unit, that is, all equipment within 1 meter outside the plant is in the charge of Shen Gu from installation to commissioning, that is, the "turnkey project", which was commissioned in January this year. At present, of the two sets of pa2 units developed by SGG, unit a operates at full load, and its mechanical and pneumatic performance meet the design indexes; B unit operates at 90% working condition, and the mechanical performance, aerodynamic performance and reinforcement of recycled plastics all meet the design index

it is understood that at present, almost all domestic air compressor units for PTA devices are imported from abroad. Due to their special process, high price and delivery, and the rapid development momentum of new energy vehicles in recent years, the localization of this core device has always been a major problem for petrochemical enterprises

it is reported that during the installation of PTA unit, Jinan Shijin bending test machine operated 30000 kW test motor + hydraulic coupling + product reducer + centrifugal compressor + centripetal expander in series, with a total length of nearly 30 meters and a total height of nearly 15 meters, creating a number of "best of Shengu": designing and manufacturing the largest multi shaft compressor; Design and manufacture the largest multi-stage expander unit; The commissioning technical scheme is the most difficult and the motor starting scheme is the most complex; The unit has become the most efficient pneumatic performance test by adopting accurate adjustment method and scientific test circuit, and the compressor and expander are tested at the same time; The "turnkey project" was completed independently for the first time. As the core component of PTA tail gas expander, the safety and reliability of nozzle regulating mechanism is the top priority of the project. The members of the research team solved the difficulties in the research and development of high-temperature, corrosion-resistant and oil-free lubricating parts and the strength verification of torque transmission parts, and broke through the research and development of pa2 primary nozzle regulating mechanism. In June, 2010, the no-load commissioning was successful, and all indicators fully met the design requirements and international standards. In September, 2011, the project entered the commissioning stage, and the commissioning was successful before the Spring Festival in 2012

suyongqiang, chairman and general manager of Shengu group, said that after the successful operation of the unit, it is not only of great significance to the development of PTA equipment market, but also of pioneering significance to China's occupation of large air separation assembled compressor market, and will further enhance the overall competitiveness of China's PTA units

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