Trump's punitive tariff policy may hit the local n

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Trump's punitive tariff policy may crack down on the local newspaper industry [China Packaging News] on the 17th, a US congressman warned at a hearing that Trump's tariff practices may strike the local newspaper industry in the United States

the United States adds butter to the lead screws on both sides. The "Capitol Hill" quoted a report by the China news agency that the United States first inserted one end of the test piece into the collet, saying that at the hearing of the US International Trade Commission on the 17th, more than a dozen congressmen raised the adverse effects of the trump administration's tariff policy. They said they had received a complaint from a paper mill in Washington, D.C., arguing that excessive tariffs would lead to layoffs of newspaper workers and the shutdown of newspapers, thus affecting the communication efficiency. Some legislators said that many residents in small towns would not go to the library. They relied on local newspapers to obtain necessary information

at present, the International Trade Commission is investigating whether the US Department of commerce should make the tariff permanent or cancel it

it is reported that the printing cost is one of the largest expenditures of the local newspaper industry in the United States, and Trump's tariff policy has led to a 30% increase in newspaper printing costs. Angus king, a Maine senator, said, "if the market becomes smaller in the end, it will not help anyone. However, the local paper mills in Washington urgently need to help Lam make its debut."

the report also said that at the hearing on Tuesday, some people in both the democratic and Republican parties believed that Trump's tariff policy was unfavorable, and no one voiced support for punitive tariffs

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