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Patent introduction: a cross shaped far-infrared PTT fiber

Application (patent) No.: cn 6. Application date: 2009.02.12

publication (announcement) No.: cn2013 put the required cylinder into the groove 95651 publication (announcement) date: 2010.02.03

main classification No.: d01d5/253 (2006.01) I

classification No.: d01d5/253 (2006.01) I; D01F6/62(2006.01)I; D01f1/10 (2006.01) I

applicant (patent right): Li Shengchun

address: 200237 No. 130, Meilong Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai

national and provincial Code: Shanghai; 31

inventor (designer): Zhang Nan; Li Shengchun Table 3 Comparison of cost between flame-retardant ABS and flame-retardant PP

Abstract: the utility model relates to a cross shaped far-infrared PTT fiber, which adopts PTT new material and far-infrared agent, and is prepared by melt spinning with a cross spinneret after blending the far-infrared agent and PTT chips. The mass fraction of the far-infrared agent is 1 ~ 10%, and the spinneret is a cross spinneret; The cross section of the fiber is cross shaped; The length width ratio of the fiber is 5:1; The far-infrared agent is a nano far-infrared processing agent. The utility model has the advantages of good wearing comfort and dyeing effect; Environmental protection and safety; The hand feel is plump and soft, and the colors are bright and varied. The universal tensile testing machine for fabrics (auto parts testing machine) is widely used in the industry, and its performance is significantly better than that of ordinary polyester

sovereignty item: a cross shaped far-infrared PTT fiber, which is characterized in that the cross section of the fiber is a cross

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