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The development path of China's carton industry in the next few years

industry insiders believe that China's carton packaging industry has started from vicious competition to benign development; From the middle and low level miracle Scene 1, the plastic bag actually dissolved in the water and developed to the high level; From domestic high level to international level

in the 1990s, China's paper product packaging enterprises were in the period of rapid development of the introduction of sampling boxes, but at that time, the industry was generally small and medium-sized enterprises, and there were few large enterprises. Before and after entering the new century, carton packaging enterprises in the Yangtze River Delta have basically completed the professional division of labor, reaching the level of Guangdong. The current market competition is the competition between large enterprises and a high-level competition, which will promote the development of the whole industry to the advanced level

in areas with developed carton packaging, large enterprises have carried out technological transformation, eliminated old equipment and replaced it with high-end fast production lines. Corrugated board production lines and printing slotting machines were basically made in China in the past, and few were imported. With the entry of WTO, foreign packaging machinery will take advantage of the situation to squeeze domestic packaging machinery. The result of competition will enable Chinese packaging enterprises to move towards the international level

the future of carton packaging in China lies in convergence, which is intended to work together

1. The combination of carton packaging and papermaking. The combination of carton and papermaking has long been realized in developed countries; The combination of papermaking and forest, while China has been separated for a long time. In recent years, there has been the combination of cartons and papermaking, and the combination of papermaking and cartons, and the development momentum is very fast. Anhui Ma'anshan Shanying Paper Industry Group Co., Ltd. has entered a small carton factory and invested in a corrugated production line, which mainly produces paperboard and supplies small factories in the surrounding areas. Due to self-made paper, the low cost of paper and the two advantages of welfare enterprises, the idea output value is 60million, that is, tens of thousands of tons of paper have been sold, and considerable profits have been obtained. They have tasted the sweetness. This year, they are on a high-end line, ready to make 100 million. At the same time, three carton factories were merged and newly established in Suzhou and Yangzhou

2. Combination of carton and carton (color box). It has long existed abroad. China Changfeng Packaging Co., Ltd. has introduced Italy's high-end corrugated production line, which is known as the first in Asia. It can not only produce AAA corrugated board, but also process the finest corrugated board. It can be seen that foreign countries have combined equipment design. In China, cartons have been separated from cartons for a long time. In terms of classification, cartons are printed packaging and large packaging; The color box is sales package and small package. Carton factory produces large packages; The printing factory processes small packages. In the future, we should combine size and packaging. The key to a large and small set of compressive strength/flexural strength lies in the later printing machine. The high-end printing requirements of color boxes will inevitably lead to the consistency of carton and color box printing

3. Combination of carton and honeycomb. In foreign countries, processing honeycomb cartons with honeycomb composite paperboard meets the standard of corrugated cartons, and the cost of honeycomb cartons is 20% lower than that of corrugated cartons. Honeycomb experts in Beijing and Nanjing also successfully trial produced. Paper corrugated and paper honeycomb belong to the same paper structure and are siblings. Moreover, honeycomb cartons can be processed with the back tools of corrugated cardboard, but now honeycomb cartons have not been trial produced, let alone mass produced. The opening of this road will expand the new field of cartons. It is believed that Chinese carton packaging enterprises will be able to develop honeycomb cartons in the near future

4. The combination of advanced areas and backward areas of carton packaging. Now the state calls for the development of the northwest. In addition to the national investment in development, it is more about mobilizing enterprises in developed regions to develop and run enterprises in the northwest. Foreign businessmen are optimistic about China's market and have come to China to invest and set up factories. However, few packaging enterprises in advanced regions set up enterprises in backward regions, and many packaging enterprises only send Imperial Envoys to dump products over long distances. We should know that the market in backward areas is a potential market and a developing market. There is great potential to develop and set up enterprises there

the manufacturing technology of carton equipment in China is studied by Northern Enterprises and explored by practice. Develop cautiously. Southern enterprises are taking advantage of foreign advanced technology and turning it into mine for rapid development. It's not that northern enterprises don't understand the know-how of Southern enterprises, and state-owned enterprises have little money in their financial accounts, so they can only bite the old bones. The money in the bag of the boss of Southern enterprises is bulging, which is the difference between the north and the south

the new development of carton machinery: the back lane will change to the front lane, and the front Lane will change to the back lane. The former is the corrugated production line, which has fully guaranteed the quality of paperboard. The latter printing is not matched with the former one of many enterprises. Nowadays, cartons and color boxes are emphasizing the latter, and the latter printing should be strengthened. So it is necessary to change the position. We should also see the role of back printing, which is not only needed by large enterprises, but also by small enterprises. A small paper box factory in Suzhou handled all the domestic single-sided machines and single-sided machines that produce corrugated, and entered the printing machines and carton gluing machines produced in Taiwan. The investment was not large. It went to large enterprises to keep the instruments clean, complete parts and accessories, and safely handle the paperboard. The processed cartons were exactly the same as those processed by large enterprises. In other words, small and medium-sized enterprises on the high-end printing press, can also compete with large enterprises. Therefore, the back track printer will play an important role for a long time in the future

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