The hottest pattern printing market is depressed,

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The pattern printing market is depressed, and technological innovation has become the key to development.

facing the pattern printing market in the past two years, some printing businesses in the market lament that although the overall industry is developing, the overall profit of the industry has decreased a lot compared with previous years. Some market merchants have also noticed that the market has fallen into a downturn since the second half of 2010. Shenzhen xinhaiyuan printing art, a business in the industry, pointed out that: first, part of the market demand is gradually becoming saturated; Second, the current printing plan can no longer meet many new needs, and it is reasonable for the market to have a short-term downturn

rapidity, personalization and diversity are the key directions for the development of the pattern printing market, but in recent years, printing merchants have not made many breakthroughs in printing technology and personalized printing schemes, resulting in a decline in the market demand of the industry. At the same time, the pattern printing market is also facing many development problems:

first, price competition among merchants. In order to expand the market, some businesses cut prices at all costs, which resulted in phenolic foam. Due to the price dispute between cheap manufacturers, there was not much profit to pursue. As a result, the development enthusiasm of printing businesses is greatly affected, and the printing industry can not meet the new needs of the market

second, the update cycle of technology and equipment is slow. Affected by vicious market competition, some printing technologies and quality can not meet the development needs of current special industries

third, the limitation of market scope. Some printing merchants pay too much attention to the specific large market, and neglect the automatic calculation of family: automatic calculation of various experimental results and personal market

today's pattern printing market has entered a period of diversified development, and there will be good market prospects for both enterprise and individual markets. The printing business has to adjust the previous development direction, and there must be new changes in printing technology and market positioning

The rise of color art printing, plastic art printing and other technologies in the pattern printing market has changed the current situation of the printing market. Through the new printing technology, various high-quality patterns can be made on metal, plastic, glass, ceramics, wood and other materials to meet the needs of market diversification, laying a foundation for printing businesses to expand their business

secondly, compared with previous printing, there are great differences in printing quality, especially in color and texture. Xinhaiyuan printing art marketing manager said. Facing the industry market, Jinan experimental machine is mainly a new change in the mechanical pattern detection of materials. Only when printing merchants can correctly recognize the problems they are facing at present and make improvements and improvements in technology and printing schemes, can they be recognized by the market in the market downturn

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