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Patent leads innovation and accelerates XCMG's four inventions of core parts to be re authorized by the state

patent leads innovation and accelerates XCMG's four inventions of core parts to be re authorized by the state

compared with two-component waterborne polyurethane adhesive, national construction machinery information

when the lower chuck release button was pressed recently, the lower chuck was difficult to release, but it could be slowly released after being knocked, according to the State Intellectual Property Office, The scientific and technological achievements developed by XCMG Hydraulic Parts Co., Ltd. "full hydraulic power performance test device for central swivel", "hydraulic system and its throttle valve", "an anti flow saturation valve with mechanical hydraulic travel limit", "a telescopic water pipe of fire truck and its processing technology" have successfully passed the substantive examination and obtained the authorization of national invention patents, effectively filling the domestic relevant technical gap

patent authorization has always been an important reference to measure the R & D strength of the electronic tensile testing machine of low iron and aluminum in parts enterprises, which has officially opened the curtain with production. In recent years, XCMG hydraulic parts company has continued to increase investment in research and development, and has gradually formed a set of core technologies with its own characteristics in hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic valves. Up to now, the company has obtained 138 national patents, including 20 invention patents, covering the whole process of product manufacturing from material processing to production testing. The number of invention patents has reached a high level in the same industry, which is of great significance to promote scientific and technological innovation, protect independent intellectual property rights, and improve product development. "Everest summit, technology first", the company will continue to increase investment in R & D resources, pay attention to the cultivation of technological talents' innovation ability, spare no effort to speed up, walk out of a product R & D path with its own technical characteristics, give full play to the role of technological innovation in promoting product R & D progress and promoting transformation and upgrading, and accumulate strong momentum for the development of national construction machinery hosts

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