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Patent name: a packaging box with push lid display function

patent name: a packaging box with push lid display function

patent application No: 8 Publication No.: CN

application date: June 13, 2003 publication date: December 15, 2004

applicant: Huang Wencong

the utility model discloses a packaging box with a lid pushing display function. This packaging box can be used for the packaging of pens, glasses, watches, necklaces, jewelry and other items, which includes a box body and a box cover. The box body and the box cover are connected through a chute structure. The chute structure is: there are slots on both sides of the box cover or the box body, Correspondingly, there are protrusions on both sides of the box body or the box cover. The protrusions are placed in the groove and can slide and rotate in the groove. The box cover can be placed above the back of the box body, or completely placed under the deep binding of large enterprises and large customers with the output of 130.995 million tons of cement and 6.484 million tons of electrolytic aluminum, respectively. It has a very flexible display mode

information source: China Packaging

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