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China's refractory industry is moving forward on the road of physical efficiency, energy conservation and emission reduction

recently, president Xu Dianli Xu of China Refractory association made a report on "China's refractory industry in structural optimization" at the 8th magnesium refractory Expo. The report mainly introduced the overview and current situation of China's refractory industry, and proposed the embodiment of China's refractory industry in industrial upgrading and structural optimization, The problems in the current economic operation of refractory industry are interpreted

Chairman Xu mentioned that in, the output of China's refractory products maintained a high level. In 201, every real manuscript will be serialized and published on the company's website. Since the beginning of four years, the output of refractory products has decreased slightly. The main reason for the decline is that in, infrastructure industries such as steel and glass have excess capacity and the consumption of refractory materials has decreased. The daily consumption of refractory materials did not decline. By the end of March 2018, there were 17 refractory enterprises with main businesses of more than 1billion yuan, and their operating conditions and quality reached the highest level in history. In terms of export, the export volume of alkaline products, aluminum siliceous products and other refractory products is about 2million tons

China's refractory industry has its own unique industry advantages. The first is its resource advantages. The world has proven magnesite reserves of about 12.625 billion tons, of which China's Magnesite reserves account for 28.85% of the world's reserves. The second is the market advantage. The output of steel, cement, glass and non-ferrous metals has ranked first in the world for many years, and a large amount of refractory materials need to be consumed. Talent advantage: China has the largest number of professionals engaged in the refractory industry in the world, with more than 500 graduates majoring in refractory every year. Wuhan University of science and technology and Wuhan University of architecture and technology have refractory majors in the contour line, which integrates production, learning and research, providing technical support for the development of the refractory industry. At the same time, president Xu also mentioned that at present, the industrial concentration is low, malicious competition, market order is chaotic, etc., especially in terms of management. Now many enterprises are relatively extensive in cost management and quality management, which is far from the West

in recent years, the development level of China's refractory industry has been gradually improved, and the industry concentration has been improved through mergers and acquisitions. Taking the sales revenue of the previous 10 enterprises as an example, 2 compression shear bond strength in 2018, the sales volume of the top 10 enterprises was 10.626 billion yuan, In 2018, the non equivalent adoption of din106:1980 "lime sand bricks" German industrial standard and the reference poct379:1995 "technical conditions of silicate bricks and blocks" Russian Federal National Standard reached 27.249 billion yuan. In the first half of this year, two enterprises exceeded 2billion yuan, and the top 10 enterprises this year are expected to exceed 30billion yuan. It shows that the production concentration is gradually improving, and the profitability is also improving. In 2018, a survey of 68 key refractory enterprises showed that the output of refractory materials was 9.4205 million tons, a year-on-year increase of 4.29%, and the sales revenue was 55.728 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 38.67%. The profit was 4.372 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 96.89%. The profit level increased to a new high, and the overall business performance was stable

in terms of energy conservation and emission reduction of magnesium refractory products, president Xu improved that it should be strictly implemented in accordance with the emission standard of air pollutants for magnesium refractory industry formulated by Liaoning Province. Those who meet the standard are allowed to produce, and those who do not meet the standard must strictly implement the shutdown policy, so as to control the market supply of magnesium products and let local enterprises operate in accordance with the law

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