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Putian investigates and deals with fake putty powder produced by Huafang coating factory recently, Putian Municipal Bureau of quality supervision, Fujian province implemented the special action of "cracking down on fake security, especially being able to obtain such performance home at a more affordable price than all carbon fiber reinforced materials", organized law enforcement officers to conduct special supervision and inspection on some building materials production enterprises under their jurisdiction, and found more than 800 packages, totaling 20 tons of fake factory names Putty powder of the factory site, and the value of the products involved in the case reached more than 10000 yuan. Subsequently, law enforcement officers sealed and detained the fake putty powder according to law

according to the introduction, putty powder is a necessary material for home decoration. Poor quality putty powder is easy to loosen and fall off due to its water-resistant colloid, which leads to painting failure. In serious cases, it may also leak due to water infiltration into the wall. The glue component of putty powder with poor quality contains toxic components such as formaldehyde, which is easy to pollute the household environment

the investigators said that fake putty powder directly affects the decoration quality and the health and safety of consumers, and will be severely investigated and punished once found

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