The hottest Putzmeister appears at Taiyuan station

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Putzmeister appeared at Sany tour exhibition Taiyuan station

Guide: This is the first time that Sany has participated in the tour exhibition together since the acquisition of elephants. The on-site transaction is 300million yuan, and the maximum single sale is 120million yuan. Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, dragon and elephant dance is the 16th stop of Sany 2012 brand experience day. This stop has attracted more popularity than the previous tour, because this exhibition is not only

· this is the first time that Sany has participated in the tour exhibition together since the acquisition of elephants

· the on-site transaction is 300million yuan, and the maximum single sale is 120million

Taiyuan, Shanxi, "dragon and elephant dance · Sany 2012 brand experience day" is the 16th stop. This stop has attracted more popularity than the previous tour, because this time there are not only Sany equipment, but also Putzmeister's high-end equipment. According to reports, This is Sany's acquisition of Germany's Putzmeister durski said: "this is the development trend that we want to follow and support (elephants). After the completion of the delivery, we will jointly participate in the exhibition tour for the first time.

we will participate in the exhibition together and start deep cooperation.

on April 17, Sany acquired elephants to complete the equity transaction, and elephants will officially become a member of Sany. On April 28, the new member of Sany will" dance with dragons and elephants "in the pumping business department." Shanxi Station was officially unveiled in the exhibition tour. Houxuemei, general sales manager of elephant China, and Bo Penghui, an agent of elephant Shanxi, also came to the scene

more than 800 customers in Shanxi also came to see Sany and elephant equipment. According to reports, the elephant carefully selected star products for the exhibition, including a 56 meter Mercedes Benz chassis concrete pump truck and a telescopic belt conveyor truck. Elephant's 56 meter pump truck is a new product specially developed according to the working conditions in China and the usage habits of Chinese users after a lot of field research

in the outer field area of the tour, the equipment of elephant and all kinds of concrete machinery and equipment of Sany are in good order. The company will send professional maintenance engineers to the site within 24 hours to line up for maintenance services and accept the review of customers from all over the country. The white and red appearance complements the whole series of Sany products. The former rivals are now close brothers standing together, causing customers to stop and watch, and the scene is lively

it is reported that Shanxi railway station is the first time that Sany and elephants have participated in the exhibition together, realizing the real "dragon elephant dance". This move also marks that the cooperation between the two sides will enter a new stage. In the future, Sany and elephant will be more closely linked in terms of technology research and development, marketing channels and brand construction

the on-site transaction was 300million yuan

with the warming of the weather, the horn of starting construction in Shanxi gradually sounded. Shanxi is the traditional strong region of Sany Heavy Industry, and has made remarkable achievements over the years. With excellent quality and services that exceed customers' expectations, Sany has firmly established a high-quality brand image here, and its pumping products have maintained the first market share in the industry with absolute advantages for many years; Elephant's leading technology, worldwide marketing network and long brand history are also well-known

it is reported that after a detailed understanding of the strategic objectives and implementation strategies of the future cooperation between Sany and elephant, many customers in Shanxi have expressed their purchase intentions

at the event site, many units signed purchase agreements with Sany Shanxi agents, achieving a total sales of 300million. Do not let the working piston fall to the bottom of the oil cylinder. Among them, a company in Shanxi purchased 4 sets of mixing plants, 10 pump trucks, 7 on-board pumps and 100 mixer trucks, with a total purchase amount of 120million yuan, the highest single purchase amount of this year's tour exhibition

"as early as a few years ago, we began to cooperate with Sany. At that time, the company was far from so large. I am very grateful to Sany for helping my company grow." The chairman of the company said. At the same time, he believes that through the "dragon and elephant dance", the integration of Sany and elephant sales channels, service resources and leading technologies will bring new technologies and product experiences to users

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