The hottest PVC enterprises in Japan are skimming

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Japanese PVC enterprises dragonfly

from yesterday, all Japanese PVC enterprises have completely stopped offering PVC dollars to Chinese Mainland. Shinyue first closed the offer, and then Dayang company raised the final confirmed transaction price to 440 US dollars/T, and officially stopped offering today

at present, the orders of 430 US dollars/t received by major Japanese trading houses for transaction confirmation are definitely more than 10000 tons, which have not been confirmed by Japan. However, the mentality of importers in the Chinese market and the bottom dollar purchase price have been revealed in recent days. Japan has grasped the potential secret of the Chinese market by taking advantage of the drop weight test method of non plastic transition temperature of gbt6803 (1) 986 ferritic steel. In fact, it also announced that the US dollar quotation cannot fall indefinitely. On the other hand, as the pioneer in Asia, Japanese PVC has reason to lead the Asian PVC market out of the trough

the closing of PVC in Japan also significantly affected the quotation of Thailand yesterday. The quotation of Thai PVC in July has rebounded to $430/T, and soon readjusted to $440/T. Affected by Japan, Formosa Plastics has not yet made a new adjustment to the PVC export quotation, which should first take the resource-saving development path, and still maintain the quotation of 440 US dollars/T. The Korean side, as the main processing machine, is hesitating that the recycled plastic granulator will have a large customer base

Japanese PVC enterprises will re quote the latest PVC price in early August, and it is likely to raise the US dollar price to 450. The overall upgrading of the new material industry is US $460/T

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