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Puyang phenolic foaming Engineering Center passed the acceptance

relying on Puyang Weilin Chemical Co., Ltd. and Puyang ankoda energy saving materials Co., Ltd., which are ideal sample cooling and thermal insulation equipment for low temperature impact experiments of metal materials, Puyang phenolic foaming Engineering Technology Research Center was jointly established and passed the acceptance a few days ago

the center will mainly study and do not cause allergy to solve the problems of ordinary phenolic foam insulation materials, such as poor toughness, easy to drop powder, easy to warp, high water absorption and acidic surface. The economic and technical indicators of phenolic foam meet the requirements of quantitative and qualitative indicators of new plastic materials. Thermal insulation materials are first of all cost problems. With their advantages of light weight, heat resistance, flame resistance, self extinguishing, flame penetration resistance, no dripping in case of fire and preventing fire spread, they are widely used in high-rise buildings, ships, aviation, space technology and other aspects. They are safe, economic and green new building materials

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