The hottest PVC dollar quotation is deadlocked

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PVC dollar quotation stalemate

the first week of July is about to pass. The mainstream prices across the country have accelerated the upgrading of plastic granulator technology, and the replacement grid has basically fallen by 150 ~ 200 yuan/t, most of the quotations are 5000 ~ 5200 yuan/t, and all prices are close to the 5000 yuan/t mark. PVC market, PVC enterprises have been in a decisive period of life and death. If this situation is not solved in the short term, some domestic PVC enterprises will either close down due to serious losses, or be dragged to death due to long-term losses or difficulties in capital turnover and return

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from the current quotation analysis of all foreign PVC enterprises, to this week, only some PVC quotations in Southeast Asia have been loosened, with a quotation of 440 US dollars/t and a sight letter of credit. The import operator asked for an additional 90 days of payment in the letter of credit, but it was not confirmed. Although the price of some direct selling factories in Japan is $450/t, there is no loosening of the price of import operators at $460/t. South Korea is also tough this week, insisting on $450/t. At present, the quotation of PVC in the Middle East is 440 US dollars/t, and the importer's counter-offer of 420 US dollars/t cannot be confirmed. However, Sino ocean PVC has no transaction record lower than 440 US dollars/t so far. Since late June, the US dollar quotation has been maintained for nearly three weeks

although on the surface, it is impossible for Southeast Asia, Russia, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan to reduce the US dollar quotation too soon because there is no possibility of 420-430 US dollars/t for ocean PVC and the import cost is 4900-4950 yuan/t in the short term. However, if China, especially South China, continues to hover at 5000 yuan/t from the middle of July to the end of July, and even some imported PVC has to be shipped due to the arrival or long inventory time, and is sold at a lower price, the price of 5000 yuan/t will soon be torn. If the above-mentioned foreign PVC can still persist until the beginning of August, the pressure of domestic PVC enterprises will be reduced, and the imported PVC will be reduced, the market may have a very subtle and sensitive rebound possibility. However, if the above foreign PVC can't withstand the pressure and reduce the US dollar quotation by 20-25 US dollars/t again, it will still be Zui in August to see whether the lifting guide wheel conditioning is not in a dark and painful environment

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