The hottest putty powder is too thick to be compen

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The putty powder is too thick to be compensated by the paint factory for more than 6000 yuan

the putty powder is too thick to be compensated by the paint factory for more than 6000 yuan

May 12, 2015

[China paint information] I bought the well-known brand "Saint Gobain" putty powder on Taobao. How did I know that after plastering it on the wall, the particles are coarse and the surface is rough, so I had to shovel it all off and replace it with putty powder of other brands. Who will compensate for the lost time and labor cost

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came to Ms. Zhao's home, where she is installing samples to repair after fracture. According to the decorator, after the putty powder of "Saint Gobain" previously used was applied to the wall, the particles were coarse, the surface was rough, and there were scratches. There was no choice but to eradicate and replace the putty powder of other brands. Decorators said that according to their years of experience, there were obvious problems in the quality of this batch of putty powder

it is understood that these "Saint Gobain" putty powders were bought by Ms. Zhao on Taobao in January this year, with a total of 15 packages, each of which is more than 50 yuan. Call the Taobao seller, a company specializing in building materials. The other party said that this batch of putty powder was genuine. He also wondered why such a situation occurred

they also called the staff of "Saint Gobain" Co., Ltd. and the other party said that after they came to the door to inspect, they found that the putty powder "Saint Gobain refers to concrete class" bought by Ms. Zhao was indeed authentic, but it was not bought by the distribution channel designated by them. It may be that there is something wrong with putty powder in storage and transportation, which leads to subsequent problems

under coordination, both the "Saint Gobain" manufacturer and the Taobao seller said that when the sample was damaged, Ms. Zhao would be given a proper solution to compensate the corresponding labor and material costs. A few days ago, Ms. Zhao told that she had received more than 6000 yuan of compensation from the manufacturer

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