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PVC enterprises are generally facing market pressure

Qilu Petrochemical: prices are under the pressure of sharp decline around, and sales are not smooth

it is one of the basic experimental methods of material mechanical property experiment. Beijing Chemical II: the quotation has not been adjusted. Affected by the insufficient supply of gas and ethylene, the production unit maintains 80% load

Tianjin Chemical Industry: PVC production was normal last week, and the price fell slightly with the market. The price of paste resin is stable. The prices of acid and liquid chlorine are stable. Caustic soda: the price is relatively stable, and there is no change in inventory

Hawall: follow the mainstream market price reduction. Liquid chlorine sells well and the price continues to rise. Acid and alkali flat pins

Shenyang Chemical Industry: the price of liquid chlorine continues to rise, and other products are stable

Hangzhou Dianhua: the price fell, and there was not much pressure due to the ten day maintenance at the end of the month

Canghua group: the price fell slightly, and the inventory was 5000 tons. The profit of the downstream steel plant continued to narrow

Xi'an Chemical Industry: the market demand is bad, and the market price pressure outside the province is large, so the report is temporarily suspended

Suzhou HuaSu: the quotation of the order in the early stage of sale has not been greatly adjusted

Jinhua Group was greatly deformed during the tightening: the market pressure was large, and the price fell slightly. Other products are stable

southeast Electrification: shipment is difficult, and downstream processing enterprises have more downtime

Tianjin LG: the official parking expansion lasts for 20 days

Nanning Chemical Industry: PVC inquiry is less, and the shipment is not smooth

Baoshuo 3, experimental machine accessories: chlor alkali: the trading volume of PVC has increased in recent days. Last week, the price was raised by 100 yuan/ton, and 6500 yuan/ton was implemented for old customers

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